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The tuition and living costs of a college education are not easily affordable to the majority of of those students pursuing those diploma and degree programs. Whether you have just recently gained your high school graduation certificate or have been on the workforce for several years, the cost of good quality education may be prohibitive for the average American.

Attending a full-time or part-time nursing school program is also costly; whether it is an on-campus or an online nursing program. So apart from securing a nursing student loan from some of the many companies that offer such lending services, a nursing scholarship or grant may be the only available source of funds for you. However many like to avoid the burden of repaying student loans and the  debt interest that comes with it.

Here you will find a complete descriptions of available scholarships for nursing students in the United States to help you with paying for your nursing education. All of the nursing school scholarships are listed alphabetically. Award amounts and requirements for each scholarship, grant and financial aid program varies, so you will have to find out which ones you will be eligible to apply to.

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