G | Gen and Kelly Tanabe Parent Scholarship

Gen and Kelly Tanabe Parent Scholarship
This scholarship is actually designed and awarded to parents who have children graduation from high school and entering college or university.  A nursing education can be quite expensive so this money will help you and your parents pay for tuition and books.

This $1,000 is to help those parents pay for their child’s education.

Deadline: December 31 (for Spring scholarship); July 31 (for Fall scholarship)

Contact: $1,000 Gen and Kelly Tanabe Parent Scholarship, 3286 Oak Court, Belmont CA 94002

Telephone: 650 618-2221

Email: [email protected]


Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship

This is a $1,000 scholarship offered to high school or college graduates needing help with the cost of their education.  Even if you are an older (adult) students returning to college to become a nurse, you may qualify for this award.

Eligibility includes being a U.S. resident. You are judged on your personal statement made on the application, not a grade point average.

Deadline: July 31 and December 31

Contact:  $1,000 Gen and Kelly Tanabe Parent Scholarship, 3286 Oak Court, Belmont CA 94002

Telephone: 650 618-2221


General federation of Women’s Clubs of Missouri, Inc. Mental Health Nursing Scholarship

Each year this organization donates money to the University of Missouri and this money is awarded to a nursing student studying mental health nursing. The name and photograph of the recipient is published in the Missouri Clubwoman Magazine.

Deadline: Contact the Sinclair School of Nursing for further information

Contact: Office of Student Affairs, S235 School of Nursing, Columbia MO 65211

Telephone: 573 882-0277 or 800 437-4339


Genesis Health System – Scholarship Opportunities

The Genesis health System offers 2 types of scholarships; an internal “Nursing Degree Completion” scholarship (available to employees only) and a general nursing scholarship given to a student enrolled in a baccalaureate program.

If the recipient of the general scholarship works for a specific time period with Genesis Health, these monies will not have to be repaid.

Deadline: March

Contact: Genesis Health System, 1227 E. Rusholme Street, Davenport IA 52803

Telephone: 563 421-1000


Genevieve Hope Blaney Scholarship

This scholarship is one of several available merit scholarships available through MeritAid.com, as posted on the Salem State University web site. The dollar amount is unknown. It is also unknown, at the time of this update, whether the scholarship is always available.

Eligibility includes an employee of the North Shore Medical Center Salem Hospital, who is working towards a nursing Major.

Please visit the University site for further information.

Contact: Salem State University, 352 Lafayette St., Salem MA 01970

Telephone: 978 542-6000


George and Eva-Jo Spalding Memorial Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is one of many available through the Sinclair School of Nursing. Preference is for a student who graduated from Monroe City High School, and is now receiving nurses training at the university.  If no suitable candidate is found, the scholarship will be awarded to a graduate student studying to become a nurse practitioner.

Please note, all internal scholarships require only one application be completed.  If you qualify you will be contacted.

Deadline: Contact the Sinclair School of Nursing for further information

Contact: Office of Student Affairs, S235 School of Nursing, Columbia MO 65211

Telephone: 573 882-0277 or 800 437-4339


George Hutchens Graduate Scholarship
The International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine and Furniture Workers (IUE) awards the George Hutchens Graduate Scholarship to help children and grandchildren of IUE-CWA members, including members who are retired or deceased, attain graduate education in various fields of study, including nursing.  The eligible candidate must be currently enrolled in or accepted for graduate study in an accredited college, university, nursing school or technical school that offers college credit.

Award:  up to $1500
Deadline:  March 31

Contact:  International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine and Furniture Workers, Trudy Humphrey, Director, Education Department, IUE-CWA – 2701 Dryden Road, Dayton, OH 45439


George William Peak Nursing Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is awarded to a nurse working on the burn unit at the University Hospital, or a student attending the Sinclair Scholl of Nursing who has intent to work on the burn unit upon graduation from their nursing studies.

Contact: Office of Student Affairs, S235 School of Nursing, Columbia MO 65211

Telephone: 573 882-0277 or 800 437-4339


Georgia Nurses Association Scholarships

The GNA, in partnership with the Georgia Nurses Foundation, offers several nursing scholarships. Priority will be given to graduates who plan on practicing nursing at an institution in a health care Georgia.  You must also have completed 1 year of nursing study (if not already an RN)

Minimum dollars awarded is $500

Annie Lou Overton Scholarship

Annie Lou Overton was once the Executive Director of the Georgia Nurses Association.  The scholarship is offered to help nursing students reach their full potential as a nurse, so that they can make an impact in the world.

Eligibility includes enrollment, either part-time or full-time, in a school of nursing within the state of Georgia, and a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5. Applicants must also show a financial need.

Katherine Pope Scholarship

Katherine Pope was a nursing leader who had a career that spanned 45 years. The scholarship is meant to help advance the careers of nurses and nursing’s impact in the community.

Deadline: June 15 (alternate years)

Contact: Georgia Nurses Foundation, Inc., Attn scholarship committee, 3032 Briarcliff Road N.E., Atlanta Georgia 30329-2655

Telephone: 404 325-5536 or 800 324-0462


Godfrey T. Norman Scholarship
The Osceola County Community Foundation offers the Godfrey T. Norman Scholarship to a graduate of Reed City High School.  The eligible candidate must have plans to pursue a course of study in preparation for a career in nursing, medicine or dentistry.  The candidate must also have a GPA of at least 3.5 or at GPA of at least 3.5 in science courses.  The candidate must demonstrate a history of community service.

Award:  $500
Deadline:  March 15

Contact:  Robin Cowles, Scholarship Administrator, The Osceola County Community Foundation, P.O. Box 37, Reed City MI, 49677, (231) 912-1406; [email protected]


The Goldman Family Fund – New Leader Scholarship

This is a new scholarship available through 10,000 Degrees (formerly Marin Education Fund).  The scholarship helps support individuals who might not otherwise afford a good education.  This includes students of color, or new immigrants, who show great leadership potential.

This organization gives access to many scholarships to assist students who want to attend college. Whether it is for undergraduate studies in nursing, professional and technical trades, child care or other studies, this organization gives students the resources they need for a higher education.

Contact: New Leader Scholarship, Marine Community Foundation, 5 Hamilton Landing, Suite 200, Novato CA 94949

Telephone: 415 331-5853 (Dr Ruth Goldman)

Email: [email protected]


Good Samaritan Foundation

The Good Samaritan Foundation provides scholarships to students attending approved nursing programs within the state of Texas.  Whether you are studying to become an LVN or Doctoral prepared nurse there may be funding available for you.

Scholarship amounts for LVN, AND or diploma students will be $500 per year you qualify.  Am amount of $1,000 is awarded to student seeking a baccalaureate degree or higher.

Deadline: February 15; June 30; September 15

Contact: Good Samaritan Foundation, 3355 W Alabama Street, Suite 1025, Houston TX 77098-1867


Goodman-Goldstein VFW Post 6909
The University of Toledo offers the Goodman-Goldstein VFW Post 6909 scholarship to help VFW members and their families pursue undergraduate education. The scholarship is a “traveling scholarship,” and as such is awarded to a student in a different discipline each year.  At times it is awarded to a student enrolled in the School of Nursing. The eligible candidate must be a member of the VFW, or a relative of a member of the VFW and must be enrolled at the University of Toledo.  The candidate must also demonstrate academic achievement as well as financial need.

Award:  Not specified
Deadline:  April 1

Contact:  University of Toledo, Office of Student Financial Aid, University of Toledo, 1200 Rocket Hall, Mailstop 314, Toledo OH, 43606-3390; (419) 530-8700


Gracie Evelyn Boggs Jameson Scholarship
Clemson University offers the Gracie Evelyn Boggs Jameson Scholarship to encourage students to pursue careers in oncology nursing.  The eligible candidate must be enrolled at Clemson University School of Nursing with a demonstrated interest in oncology nursing.  The candidate can be a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior and must have a GPA of at least 2.5.  Academic merit and financial need are considered in the selection process.

Award:  $1000
Deadline:  March 1

Contact:   Clemson University, Marvin Carmichael, Director of Financial Aid, Office of Financial Aid, G-01 Sikes Hall, Box 345123, Clemson, SC 29634; (803) 656-2280


Graduate and Professional Scholarship Program

The Maryland Higher Education Commission provides scholarships to students seeking higher professional education.  Students may be attending either full time or part time studies. Amounts of $1,000 or more will be awarded to qualifying applicants.

Eligibility includes education in programs for nursing and other health care related fields. It is also based upon proven financial need.

Deadline: as per your chosen schools deadlines

Contact: Maryland Higher Education Commission, 6 N. Liberty Street, Baltimore MD 21201

Telephone: 410 767-3301 or 800 974-0203


Graduate Nursing Loan Forgiveness
The Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation offers a Graduate Nursing Loan Forgiveness program to provide financial assistant to residents of the state of Tennessee to encourage them to becoming nursing teachers or administrators.  The eligible candidate must be a registered nurse residing in Tennessee.  The candidate must also be enrolled in a nursing master’s or post-master’s degree program.  In order to have the loan forgiven, the recipient must commit to working for 4 years in a Tennessee nursing education program.

Award:  Up to $8000
Deadline:  March 31

Contact:   Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, Suite 1510 Parkway Towers, 404 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, TN 37243, (615) 741-1346, [email protected]



Graduate Scholarships in Cancer Nursing Practice

The American Cancer Society provides scholarship funding to students seeking a career in cancer based nursing.  Candidates must be studying for either a Masters or Doctorate in nursing.

Deadline: February 1

Contact: American Cancer Society, Inc National Home Office Extramural Grants Department, 250 Williams Street NW, 6th Floor, Atlanta GA 30303-1002

Telephone: 404 329-7558

Email: [email protected]


(The) Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

This foundation offers a number of scholarships to graduating high school students in West Virginia.  Many of the scholarships can be used for nursing programs and many, but not all, are based on financial need. Most scholarships are awarded in the amount of $1,000

Check with high school about available scholarships or contact the foundation at the address below to see if funds may be available for you.

Eligibility for all scholarships includes being a resident of West Virginia, enrollment in full time studies, an ACT score of at least 20, and a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  See individual scholarships for more specific qualifications.

There are some unique eligibility requirements for each, so it is best to review them on the TGKVF web site.  There are over 10 pages (about 90) scholarships available.

Geraldine Gee Nursing Fund

This scholarship is available through The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation for a student attending a college or university nursing program. The applicant must have already completed a freshman year and be entering their sophomore year

Eligibility includes a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The applicant must also be from Boone County.

Deadline: January 15

Contact: The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, P.O. Box 3041 Charleston WV 25331

Telephone: 304 346-3620 or 800 467-5909

Email: [email protected]


The Greater Kanawha Valley foundation – Scholarships

The foundation provides access to a number of scholarships for West Virginia students.  Some are meant for graduates of certain schools; many of the scholarships can be used toward a nursing education.

Information regarding available scholarships for an academic year usually become available in November

Deadline: January 15

Contact: The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, 900 Lee Street East, 16th Floor, Charleston WV 25301

Telephone: 304 346-3620

Email: [email protected]


Gustavus B. Capito

This scholarship is offered through the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation.  This renewable scholarship is to assist a college or university student seeking a nursing education within any West Virginia institution.

Eligibility includes proof of financial need. Applicants must also have a GPA of 2.5 or higher

Deadline: January 15

Contact: The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, P.O. Box 3041 Charleston WV 25331

Telephone: 304 346-3620 or 800 467-5909

Email: [email protected]