Nursing Education Grants

Why Students Need Nursing Education Grants
Nursing school can be an expensive undertaking and nursing education grants help defray costs. Beginning your education can be exciting but having to worry about money is distracting and stressful. Education grants can lower your out-of-pocket costs as well as the amount you may need to take out in loans.

Nursing students can locate grant opportunities from multiple sources such as those that follow below.

National Nursing Grants

The federal government as well as several national organizations offer grants for nursing education.  These grants are intended to help current nurses and nursing students pay for the training they need to meet the high demand for qualified nurses in this country. The following is an example of a national education grant opportunity for nursing students.

National Association of Orthopedic Nurses Foundation

Nursing students who are members of the Association can apply for education grants from the Foundation for online degrees. Specifically, students must be enrolled in the Grand Canyon University’s College of Nursing or College of Health Sciences to be considered. Awards are made based on academic scores and financial need. Grant amounts are $2,000. Online applications are made directly through the University.  Students can learn more by contacting the Foundation at 390 North Main Street, Alpharetta, GA 30009 or by calling (678) 341-0809.

State Nursing Grants

Students can apply for grants that are available from their state’s department of higher education. Frequently these grants will be restricted to college and universities but several states have opportunities for students to apply for directly.  While state grants generally do not have to be repaid, they may include a service requirement. If you do not meet your commitment to work in the state after graduation, you may have to pay back the grant.  Following is an example of a state program that offers grants to nursing students.

Utah Nurses Foundation

The Foundation offers the Nursing Grant-in-Aid Scholarship to Utah residents enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or accepted into a graduate nursing program.  Only students with at least a 3.0 GPA can apply. Grants are awarded based primarily on financial need and letters of recommendation. Award amounts vary and applications must be submitted by the end of May and September annually.  For applications and guidelines, contact the Foundation, c/o Utah Nurses Association, 4505 Wasatch Boulevard, Suite 330-B, Salt Lake City, UT 84124 or by calling (801) 272-4510.

Educational Institute Nursing Grants

The vast majority of financial assistance offered through colleges and universities are scholarships and loans.  However, there are also grants available which often work the same as scholarships. They are to be used by students to pay for tuition. Following is an example of institutional-based nursing grants.

Walla Walla University (Washington)

Students enrolled in the University’s School of Nursing have access to 11 education grant opportunities including the Peggy Kaye Nursing Grant.  This particular grant program is open to students attending the Portland campus of the University. Awards are made based on academic potential, career goals, and documented financial need.  Award amounts vary and are renewable.  Interested students can contact the School of Nursing directly for an application.

Employer-Sponsored Nursing Grants

Local employers may offer nursing grants to employees and community members.  If you are not employed and are considered a dependent of your parents, you may still be eligible for a grant if your parent’s employer allows children of employees to receive grants.  The following is an example of an employer that offers nursing grants.

Mary Rutan Foundation

Ohio nursing students may be eligible for education grants from the Foundation. Students must live in Logan County, Ohio to qualify for financial assistance. Awards are made based on academic scores, letters of recommendation, and documented financial need. Students will be interviewed by Foundation employees. Preference is given to employees and volunteers of the Mary Rutan Hospital. Applications are due to the Foundation by the end March annually. For applications, students can contact the Foundation at 205 Palmer Avenue, Bellefontaine, OH 43311.

Community-Based Nursing Grants

Nursing students should also consider community organizations that offer grants.  The most obvious is foundations. Most foundations are legally prohibited from making grants to individuals but they may have “grant” opportunities alongside scholarships. For foundations, education grants and scholarships typically mean the same thing.  Following is an example of a foundation that offers education grants to nursing students.

Borton-Ryder Memorial Trust

Students enrolled in the Newman Memorial School of Nursing in Emporia, Kansas may be eligible for an education grant from the Trust.  Undergraduate and graduate nursing students can apply for grants which are awarded based on academic potential and financial need.  Award amounts vary and are not renewable. Grant applications are accepted at any time.  For applications and guidelines, students can call (800) 257-0332.

Nursing education grants, like scholarships, help students pay for nursing school.  While the rewards of a nursing degree are tremendous, the financial cost of an education can be overwhelming.  Education grants help reduce expenses for nursing students.