Nursing Degrees in New York

If you are trying to decide on a career path, you should consider the nursing field. It is a well known fact that nurses are in high demand as the population ages and the Baby Boomer generations reaches retirement age. Not only will these retired Baby Boomers be leaving the work force, they will also need more medical care than they did when they were younger.

This means more vacancies in a field that will be in demand. If you live in New York, you have many options for getting a nursing degree. The various options for nursing degrees in New York will be explored here to help you get started with your education and ultimately become a vital part of the healthcare field.

Less Than 4 Years

Many high school students cringe when they see the cost of a 4-year school. Tuition is the biggest obstacle faced by most students and some have to give up their dreams of a degree. Unless their family has prepared for their college education, most students will either not be able to attend school or they will have to go in debt. Thankfully, however, there is an option available through allied healthcare programs that help New Yorkers get their nursing degree.

This program helps students get their medical career started in less time and with less debt involved.  These healthcare programs are less expensive than 4-year schools and allow students to enter the medical field and trained nursing assistants, dental technicians or medical assistants. Once students get this degree, they can enter the work force and then continue on to a full nursing degree if they so desire.

Hands-On Learning

The allied healthcare programs offered in New York help students enter the medical field and ultimately go on to obtain their nursing degree by giving them essential hands-on learning opportunities through internships. Traditional 4-year schools emphasize not only the nursing classes but also electives and classes in the arts. While these are necessary for a Bachelor’s degree, they play no role in taking care of a patient. The classes and training in the allied healthcare programs are focused solely on preparing students for real world scenarios that are relevant to their career choice. Once this program is complete, the student can enter the field and if they want to go on to get a more advanced degree in nursing at another school.

Tech Schools and Community Colleges

If you really want to get your nursing degree so that you can take the registered nurse exam and yet you can’t afford a 4-year school, there are still some inexpensive options you can explore. New York has many community colleges and technical schools that offer associate degrees in nursing or diploma programs that will give you the education and training you need to be qualified for the NCLEX-RN. These schools allow you to complete your educational requirements in two years or less.

The number of schools offering nursing degrees in the state of New York is nothing short of astounding. California and Texas are the only two states that have more hospitals which simply mean that with the need for nurses extremely high, it only makes sense that there are ample opportunities for nursing degrees.

Online Degrees

Students in New York have the same options for online nursing degrees as other students around the world. Many of the online schools are much less expensive than traditional schools while still providing a quality education. The classes are held online and then students are paired with local medical facilities to complete the clinical work required to make them eligible for the licensing exam. In addition to commonly known online universities and colleges, Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh has an online nursing program that is CCNE accredited.

Traditional Schools

There are more than 90 campus-based nursing programs in the state of New York. When you couple this with the programs that the state has made available for tuition forgiveness in return for working in high need hospitals and medical facilities, it is easy to see that getting a nursing degree in New York is not difficult.

If you are interested in getting your nursing education while seeing the beautiful state of New York, you have many different options to help you reach your goal. Do your research and choose the school that best meets your financial and educational needs.