Nursing Degrees in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state filled with rural areas and busy cities, there are beaches and islands that you can visit or live and it is only a skip and a jump away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

If you have dreamed of living or live in this beautiful state and want to get your nursing degree, you have many options.

Program Availability

The nursing shortage across the United States has spurred more educational institutions to offer nursing programs that range from an Associate’s Degree to a Bachelor’s Degree. In Massachusetts, people wishing to earn a degree in nursing can choose from community colleges to larger university teaching hospitals. Students may encounter waiting lists at some of these facilities; however, there are many other school options that don’t have waiting lists, such as online schools.


Massachusetts, like other states with nursing shortages, has had to come up with incentives to attract students into the nursing field. This is being accomplished through loan repayment programs and various scholarship programs for students who earn their degree in nursing and work in a Massachusetts healthcare facility for a predetermined amount of time. This is a win-win situation for both students and the healthcare industry. Many people who could not otherwise afford to attend college are able to earn a degree and have a lucrative career, while medical facilities that are in need of nurses get staffing that they need.

Overseeing Nursing Programs

Educational opportunities for nursing in Massachusetts are monitored and regulated by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing. This board oversees the state nursing licenses and examinations for all levels of nurses, keeps a listing of their own approved nursing programs which may vary somewhat from accredited schools and oversees the continuing education requirements that nurses must meet in order to remain licensed in the state. This board is an excellent resource for students moving to the Massachusetts area who are considering going to nursing school.

School Options

There are many schools in Massachusetts where you can get your nursing education and prepare to take the NCLEX-RN to become registered. You can choose to go to a community college like Cape Cod Community College, a large university like Boston College or a medical college such as MGH Institute of Health Professions. There are many campus options for nursing students and if none of the campus based classes are what you are looking for, you can attend an online school that partners with a local hospital for clinical training.

If you would like to get your medical career started quickly, you can look into one of the many fast-track options available for practical nurses that are available in vocational schools and technical colleges. These programs prepare you to work as an LPN and then you can pursue your RN degree at a later date if you want to do so.

If you are already a nurse and want to boost your income, you should consider going back to school to earn an advanced degree that will allow you to become a specialized nurse or even a nurse administrator. These positions are also in high demand as many older nurses are retiring and leaving a gap in many healthcare areas.

After School

After you have completed your nursing degree and taken your certification exam, you will most likely be interested in the types of positions that are open to you. If you are considering a move to Massachusetts, it will interest you to know that a nursing degree in Massachusetts qualifies you to work in any one of more than 80 hospitals, with the largest sectors being in Boston and Worcester.

These two areas of the state typically pay more in the nursing field than other areas. For example, staff nurses in the Boston area earn salaries between $60K and $70K per year. This is about $4K more than other areas in the state. However, if you increase your education and keep climbing the healthcare ladder, that number can grow much higher.

If you are interested in any of the nursing degrees that are available in Massachusetts you should research the many options available from the multitude of nursing schools in Massachusetts and find a degree program that will meet all of your needs and is located where you want to live.