Nursing Degrees in Florida

If you are in love with the beaches, Florida offers the best learning environments surrounded with serene palm beaches. For those those who like learning intriguing history, Florida has such fascinating history that you will love your stay around. And for the sun-buckers too, Florida is the warmest state in the East.

And what’s more, Florida has some of the most prestigious nursing schools; u will have a wide range of nursing programs to choose while you study nursing in the sun-soaked state. Furthermore, according to the occupation employment statistics, the nursing profession in Florida has the highest number of employees in the health care field. It is also worth noting the nursing profession has among the top five percentile of employment rate i.e. 22/1000 Floridians are in the nursing profession.

Popular Nursing Degrees in Florida Colleges

Florida nursing schools and universities have diversified delivery of the education through both online and on-campus study modes. Below are some renowned universities and colleges that offer nursing degrees in Florida.

Online Nursing Degrees from Florida Universities

There are quite a number of Florida-based online universities that well known for their online nursing degrees. In the northern part of the state, chamberlain college of nursing offers online nursing programs in BSN and Second degrees in nursing. They have an efficient online study mode but also a campus in Jacksonville and Miramar.

Keiser University

This university has a large online presence and is renowned for its online nursing degrees. The university also has over 10 campuses in Florida including Daytona Beach, Tampa, Miami, and Orlando among others. Keiser university- Florida offers online nursing degrees programs in Master of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in nursing and the Associates degrees.

Campus-Based Nurse Training in Florida

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix has four campuses in Florida and offers a total of 14 nursing programs. However all the nursing programs in the Florida campuses are from master’s level with no degrees in the ASN and BSN programs.

South university

This college has established a strong command for nursing degrees all over the world. South university campuses in Florida are in Palm Beach and Tampa. It has both online and offline study modes with a large number of degree programs being offered online.

University of Miami

This university offers some of the majority nursing degrees in Florida. It has degree programs ranging from ASN to PhD in nursing. It has over 11 nursing programs under its nursing school and all degree programs are offered onsite. It has degree programs in BSN, MSN, RN to BSN and RN to MSN among others.

Other colleges that offer nursing degrees in Florida include:

Brown Mackie College in Miami

College of health in Jacksonville

Broward community college in Fort Lauderdale

Florida international university-Miami

Palm Beach community college in Lake Worth

This list only highlights a fraction among the many Florida nursing schools.

Florida Nurses Licensing

Nurses who finish their nursing degrees in Florida must take the National Council Licensure Exam for registered nurses in order to practice. The Florida board of nursing is a good resource centre for students who wish to find out more on degree programs offered in Florida.

The nursing board also helps students apply to accredited nursing schools to avoid loss of time and educational recognition. For students who would want to visit the board personally to get information, it has offices in Tallahassee at 4052 Bald Cypress Way.

Future Outlook of Nursing Degrees in Florida

Currently, registered nurses in all health care sectors in Florida take home an average of $52000 per annum. For other advanced nursing degree like MSN, nurses have an attractive salary of close to $81000 annually. According to the bureau of labor and statistics, this is the third highest paying state for Master of Science nurses after New York and California.

Nursing degrees in Florida are projected to get higher demand because the state receives a lot of retirees who opt to live in this sunshine state. The state also receives a huge number of beach holiday makers and tourists and as such, nursing needs are set to be high.