Notre Dame of Maryland University Nursing School Review

Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) first opened in 1873 as a Catholic women’s elementary and high school. It became the College of Notre Dame of Maryland in 1895. The College was the first Catholic women’s college that offered a four-year baccalaureate degree. The undergraduate programs remain women only, but in 1975 the College allowed men to enroll in its Weekend College program, and also admits men into its Graduate Studies Program, which began in 1984.

In 2011 the College was renamed Notre Dame of Maryland University. The University currently enrolls nearly 3000 students, and the campus is located in a residential neighborhood in Baltimore.

Nursing Programs

Women’s College Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

This program prepares students to enter professional nursing. This is a two year program, following two years of Pre-Nursing. Students must meet with an advisor to determine their course of study. Graduates of the BSN program are able to take the Registered Nurse (RN) licensing exam.

Students applying to the University for Pre-Nursing must have a high school transcript or GED, submit their SAT or ACT scores and a writing sample, and have a recommendation letter and a resume.

College of Adult Undergraduate Studies RN to BSN

This program is designed for students that are practicing RNs, and allows them to earn their BSN degree quickly. This program takes a minimum of two and a half years to complete, and builds on the prior education and experience of the student.

Applicants must have a high school transcript or GED, submit their college transcripts, submit a writing sample, a resume documenting relevant work or volunteer history, and have an RN license. They also need to have completed the general education courses of a 200 level Philosophy course, a 200 level and a 300/400 level religious studies course, English Composition, Literature, History, Values (Ethics or Moral Issues), and Basic Statistics. They will also need to take two elective classes.

Students will need to take the Transition to Professional Nursing Practice course. According to the articulation model, students will be able to transfer up to 60 credits from their previous course of study. They will also be awarded 30 credits if they have an active RN license. They will need to take the remaining classes at Notre Dame to be able to graduate.

Women’s College Dual Degree

This program is a partnership that results in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Notre Dame and a BSN from Johns Hopkins University. Students will spend three years working on their degree in Biology at Notre Dame, and then will transfer to Johns Hopkins and take the last two years of the BSN program there. This program takes five years to earn two bachelor’s degrees.

Students in this program must have a GPA of no less than 3.25 at the end of their first year of studies at Notre Dame, and must have at least a B in all Biology classes. They must also be recommended by the Notre Dame Dual-Degree Committee, and accepted into the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

Master of Science in Nursing

Students in this program have a choice of studying either the Leadership in Nursing Education Concentration, or the Leadership in Nursing Administration Concentration. The Nursing Education concentration requires 38 credits to complete, while the Nursing Administration concentration requires 37 credits to complete.

Applicants to either program must have an active RN license, have graduated from a BSN program with a GPA of at least 3.0, and provide a written statement of goals for their master’s study.

Undergraduate students in the RN to BSN program may apply for provisional entry into the program during their last semester of study.

Study Abroad

The School of Nursing encourages students to consider studying abroad, to gain a broader understanding of issues impacting nursing in other countries. Students may apply through the Office of International Programs for short term programs. These may be for academic credit or for personal enrichment. There are currently programs available for nursing students in Guatemala and Canada.

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