Northern Tier Career Center Nursing Program Review

Going beyond purely theoretical or abstract concepts of higher education, Northern Tier Career Center (NTCC) in Pennsylvania strives to provide its youth and adult students highly useful technical skills. These skills can be translated into vocations and powerful careers, giving students a leg up in the demanding workforce of today.

Nursing Program Review

A very popular option in the NTCC Adult and Continuing Education offerings, the Nursing Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level work in the fast-paced field of nursing. This program is offered to students serious about undertaking the challenges and responsibilities of caring for patients and offering support to families. NTCC strives to provide a thorough Nursing education in a focused, student-centered environment.

Practical Nursing Program

Practical Nurses are vital aspects of the medical field. Virtually all medical settings feature Practical Nurses as parts of cooperative teams. These nurses provide basic bedside care to patients, including acute evaluate and monitoring, as well as simple procedures and treatments. These treatments might include giving shots, providing wound care, administering some medications and ensuring the course of treatment prescribed by supervising Registered Nurses and physicians is properly carried out. These nurses are also responsible for providing life care to patients in chronic situations, including rehabilitation, respite and end-of-life. This type of care, from bathing and dressing the patient, to addressing nutrition and hydration needs, offers dignity and comfort. One of the most important aspects of Practical Nursing is providing whole patient care, speaking to the individual spiritual, emotional and psychosocial needs of each patient.

Length of Program

This program is designed to provide students access to gainful employment as quickly as possible. The Practical Nursing Program can be completed in one year. This course of study is structured into three semesters. A total of 1575 hours, the 225-day program is comprised of both classroom and clinical instruction that are offered concurrently to offer a thorough education and course of training in a short period. Students are expected to attend classes Monday through Friday through each of the three semesters, including one summer term.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Nursing Program at Northern Tier Career Center is limited to those applicants demonstrating an adequate academic foundation as well as aptitude for further learning and the ability to benefit from advanced study. Students must also adhere to strict moral standards including clear drug screenings, and satisfactory Criminal and Child Abuse Background Checks. These guidelines ensure that students will enter into the nurturing environment of nursing without history of violence, abuse, theft or substance abuse. A completed application must include personal statements and references to demonstrate ability and ethic.

Course of Study

The NTCC Nursing Program prepares graduates to sit for the NCLEX to earn licensure as Licensed Practical Nurses. The three-semester structure provides progressive complexity of material and technical experience that culminates with the most difficult instruction and study into the trends and issues applicable to contemporary nursing. Each semester is comprised of 16 weeks and combines general education and core Nursing courses. The first semester lays a foundation of fundamental Nursing courses, with procedural and treatment concepts being introduced in the second semester. Graduates completing this program earn Certification and are eligible for immediate employment in a wide variety of medical settings.

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