Northern Essex Community College Nursing Program Review

Formerly the Greenleaf Elementary school, Northern Essex community college (NECC) opened its doors for higher learning in 1961. Sitting on a 10 acre land in Haverhill, the college is one of the fifteen state-supported community colleges in Massachusetts.  The mission of the college is to serve the community around Merrimack Valley and beyond.  It offers community education programs for adults, post-secondary education in addition to being a two-year public institution of higher learning. It provides high quality education at an extremely affordable cost.

Health Division-Northern Essex Community College

The health division at Northern Essex Community college offers three fully accredited nursing programs. They are approved by the commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing and are also accredited by NLNAC. Two of the programs are certificate programs while the third is a two-year associate of science in nursing degree.

Nursing Associate Degree

At Northern Essex community college, the ADN degree builds on a strong foundation of sciences, liberal arts and nursing theory.  It is an entry level degree that eventually equips the students with the skills of as a registered nurse serving in different capacities in health care. The program incorporates a holistic approach to training hence enabling nurses to become counselors in addition to being nurses. Students must complete 70 credit hours as a requirement for graduation excluding practical sessions.  All sessions start in fall semesters are only available as day programs. The outcome of the study is to enable students sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Advanced Placement for LPNs

Additionally, the program accepts advanced placement for LPNs.  Admission into the LPN advanced placement program is criterion based and reapplication is allowed only once. The placement leads to the same degree award as the associate degree.

Practical Nursing Certificate

With this program, students are trained on patient care as an entry option into nursing. By the end of the program, students are able to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam for certification in Massachusetts. A minimum of 47 credits must be taken as a requirement for graduation. It is also possible for the Northern Essex LPN graduates to be offered the chance to take the associate of nursing degree in an advanced placement plan whereby, bridging courses must be taken for successful acceptance into the ADN.

Phlebotomy Certificate

The program trains entry level and RN students on blood drawing techniques.  About 18 credits hours are covered alongside extensive laboratory experience and an externship program at the end.  Completion of the program puts the students in a position to take two different types of exams ie certified phlebotomy technician exam from the National Healthcare Association and the Phlebotomy Technician Exam facilitated by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

Transfer information

Northern Essex Community college does not have any direct articulation agreements with other universities or colleges to enable credit transfer for its students. However, it provides to its students the requirements for credit transfer to other colleges in Massachusetts. In short, it only offers transfer advice and contact information to the colleges in which its students wish to complete a four-year nursing program.

Northern Essex Community College
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Haverhill, MA 01830