Northeastern University Nursing School Review

Northeastern University (NEU) stands right at the heart of metro-Boston.  It was founded in 1898 with the aim of enabling research in the areas around and beyond Massachusetts. It has a total of nine distinct and independent colleges and schools, each offering a number of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. This successful private university prides itself if offering interdisciplinary research, urban engagement and experiential approach to learning

Northeastern University- School of Nursing

It is quite an experience to study nursing at the Northeastern University. The School of nursing has well structured, greatly challenging nursing programs. From the undergraduate BSN to the highest terminal nursing degrees, Northeastern University has all you need for your nursing education needs. Precisely, the school has one undergraduate, seven masters and three Doctorate nursing degrees. All nursing school programs are offered at the Bouve College of health sciences; an affiliate college of Northeastern university.  A breakdown of this large nursing school would be:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This is a very dynamically designed undergraduate program that allows students to become RNs. The most special aspect of this program is that students are allowed to choose from any of the two 4-year plans or the any of the two five-year plans. With these plans, students have greater freedom in choosing which program suits them best. The five-year plan offers the students an extended co-operation experience during study in addition to vacations.  The four-year plans are designed for those who wish to have fewer cooperation externships during the period of study.

As part of the experiential learning, BSN students at Northeastern University have alternate study between academic study and paid employment starting from their second year of study. This is one aspect that makes the nursing program to be very attractive.

Direct Entry Nursing (MS)

The program allows bachelor degree holders from non-nursing program to use their credentials to enroll directly for a master of science in nursing degree. During the first year, students receive undergraduate-level nursing classes to get acquainted to the nursing program. Completion of the program allows the students to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.  Following licensure, they get into a co-op experience for six months after which, they continue with the second and third year of MSN. The second and third year takes the form of usual nursing specialty programs.  Co-op experience is with over 10 medical facilities in Massachusetts.

BSN/MS Nursing Program

With the choice of two years for full time and five years part time basis, this degree program is meant for RNs who only have an associate or diploma in nursing. This is a joint degree program that allows student to combine the Baccalaureate and Masters programs into one track of learning. With this program, students can choose from seven nurse specialties including family nurse practitioner, nurse administrator, mental health, acute care among others. At the end of the curriculum, students graduate from Northeastern university with two degrees; the BSN/MS degree.

Masters of Science in Nursing

This includes a collection of four master’s level nursing programs. It takes in BSN students who wish to take nurse specialties in:

  • MSN-Nurse Practitioner
  • MSN-Nurse Anesthesia
  • MSN-Mental Health and
  • MSN-Nurse Administrator
  • MSN/MBA nursing program

A specially designed Northeastern nursing degree that allow nurse to take two masters degree at the same time, a Master of Business Admin and a Master of Science in Nursing. The two programs are offered concurrently on a part time basis. It takes a minimum of four academic years to complete at both the graduate school of business and Bouve College.

Doctorate Programs

There are two doctorate level nursing programs at Northeastern University namely Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and a Doctor of Philosophy in nursing (PhD). The programs take four semesters for fulltime students and four years for part timers. An additional Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study is also available beyond the master degree holders.

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