Nicholls State University Nursing School Review

Nicholls State University (NSU) is a public university in Thibodaux, Louisiana. It is part of the University of Louisiana System of universities and was established in 1948. Thibodaux is about 50 miles southwest of New Orleans. Over 7,000 students are enrolled in programs at the University.

Admission to the University is selective and the average grade point average of students entering is 3.2 with an ACT average score of 21. Honors students have an average grade point average of 3.6 and ACT score of 26. Nicholls offers programs for undergraduate and graduate students, including associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degrees.

Nursing Program

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The College of Nursing and Allied Health Department of Nursing at Nicholls offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Students in this four-year program train for a career as a professional nurse. After graduation, the student takes the NCLEX-RN, the national exam that must be passed to obtain licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN). Students at Nicholls are prepared to work in many different healthcare settings, including hospitals, schools, clinics, community agencies, and many more. Admission to the nursing program is competitive, and interested candidates must first attend a mandatory nursing information session about the program. It is very important to follow the admissions procedures carefully to be considered for the next group of students admitted to the program.

Application packets are given to interested persons only after they attend the mandatory information session. The Committee on Admissions, Progression, Scholarship and Honors reviews applications. It is important to submit applications to the University and to the nursing program and to have official transcripts sent from all universities that have been attended. Other criteria for admission are the completion of the first 35 hours of the BSN curriculum with no grade lower than a C and a grade point average of at least 2.75 in the first 36 hours of the BSN curriculum. Even if a student meets all of the criteria for admission, it is not guaranteed that he or she will be admitted to the BSN program.

BSN students then complete the remainder of the liberal arts and science courses that are required for a bachelor’s degree at the University, the nursing courses, and they complete clinical work at various hospitals and healthcare sites in the area. Students are encouraged to become involved in one of the two nursing organizations as well. The Nicholls Association of Student Nurses is one of these and both faculty members and students are involved in the community through this organization. Members participate in blood drives, food drives, health screenings, service learning, and many other activities that are helpful to the community. Travel abroad opportunities are also offered by this group, such as a Nicaraguan mission trip. The Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing Xi Zeta Chapter is also an active organization that is open to seniors and graduates of the BSN program.


The University also offers a LPN to BSN program for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who want to complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Applicants may apply for the generic BSN program at Nicholls and receive credit for the nursing courses that they have already completed. To be admitted to the program and receive these credits, they must first apply to the BSN program and have their official transcripts from their college or university work sent to Nicholls. Their LPN license must be on file in the Department of Nursing and must be documented yearly. Students must complete their first 35 credits of the BSN curriculum and maintain a 2.75 grade point average.

Work experience as an LPN is not required for admission. Students must have all of the required immunizations and pass their physical exam. At least 33 credits must be earned at Nicholls and the total number of credits for the program is 57. LPNs may take credit exams to prove competency in specific nursing areas. If they pass the tests, they receive credit for courses previously taken or for the knowledge that they have gained in their nursing work. After all of the required liberal arts and science courses that are required to earn a bachelor’s degree at the University are completed, as well as nursing courses and clinical work, students are eligible for graduation. They may take the national exam for licensure as a RN, the NCLEX-RN.


The University also offers a RN to BSN program that provides the opportunity for RNs to transfer credits previously earned in their associate degree to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Students may receive credit when they pass credit exams as well. Interested students must apply to the program and send their official transcript. They must be licensed RNs and have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on their previous college level work. All immunizations must be up to date, and it is required that a student must earn at least 33 credits in residence. When the program is complete, the RN receives a BSN.

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