Neumann University Nursing School Review

Founded and run in the Franciscan tradition, Neumann University (NU) of Pennsylvania is a private Catholic University that strives to produce well-rounded graduates that apply their faith to all that they do. This tradition helps students become compassionate, serving individuals prepared for a range of professions and furthered educational opportunities.

Nursing Program Review

The mission and sentiment of the Franciscan roots of Neumann University is exhibited strongly in the field of nursing. Nurses provide extensive care to a wide range of patients in medical settings from dentist offices to rehabilitations centers. Nurses not only offer procedural care for illness and injury, or during childbearing, but also represent the human element of medical care. Nurses address the emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs of patients through support, communication and encouragement not just for the patient himself but for loved ones as well. Neumann University’s Nursing Program offers several options for students interested in pursuing careers in this fast-paced field.

Full-Time Bachelor of Science Option

Though there are other options for pursuing a career in nursing, the passionate and dedicated faculty of Neumann University encourages all students interested in such a career to earn at least a baccalaureate-level degree. Such a degree provides graduates with a strong basis for a career in professional nursing including supervisory roles. Neumann’s Full-Time Bachelor of Science in Nursing Option allows students to complete the necessary course work in four years of structured study. Students will engage in both lecture and clinical experience instruction throughout the course of study, concentrating on both general education and Nursing components.

Part-Time Bachelor of Science Option

Because not all students are able to attend classes full time while in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science Degree Neumann University also offers a part-time track in the Nursing Program. In this option students fulfill prerequisites and then are able to take on the main Nursing course work. Courses are offered two to three evenings per week, with the occasional weekend clinical component. After prerequisites are completed students can complete the program in approximately seven semesters.

The RN Option

This is the most flexible option for earning a BSN. Neumann University offers a track designed for the needs of an already-licensed Registered Nurse to enhance the knowledge and training earned through a previous Diploma or Associate Degree Program. Students can apply their experience to the course work of the BSN Program, thereby reducing the amount of time necessary to earn the degree. Courses may be taken on a full- or part-time schedule. The total time required for this program is dependent upon whether students select to study full-time or part-time, and how much of the course work they are able to challenge through transfer credits and exam results.

Admission Requirements

Though they vary slightly depending on the exact track the student selects, admission into the Nursing Program at Neumann University follows a basic process. Applicants are selected based both on academic merit and personal characteristics. Academic requirements include graduation from high school or an approved secondary education program with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and fulfillment of specific secondary-level courses. Applicants must also submit a minimum combined SAT score of 850. After these basic admission requirements are cleared applicants to the formal Nursing Major are required to successfully complete prerequisite courses with grades no lower than “C” in each course and adequately pass the Nursing Admission Examination. Students must also demonstrate good physical and mental health and sound moral character through comprehensive medical examinations and submission of Criminal and Background Clearance. The most important element of admission into the program is aptitude for benefit and success in the academic and clinical aspects of the Nursing Program.

Master of Science in Nursing Program

Motivated students wishing to achieve higher levels of understanding in Nursing concepts, and become eligible for more complex roles and responsibilities within their career field can continue their studies into the MSN Program. Students can choose between three tracks to concentrate their study on specialized areas. These tracks, Adult Nurse Practitioner, Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, and Nurse Educator, prepare graduates to seek employment in these advanced areas and offer specified credentials. Graduates are also eligible to enter Post-Master’s Certificate Programs to add additional layers of experience and career opportunity.

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