Mount Aloysius College Nursing Program Review

Mount Aloysius College (MAC) in Pennsylvania was established, and continues, to offer students a learning environment that encourages integration of faith into education and preparation of graduates ready to utilize gifts for the betterment of humanity and their community. Students of Mount Aloysius enjoy a campus that is highly advanced and contemporary while remaining tightly knit and individually nurturing.

Nursing Program Review

Nurses are critical to the healthcare system. These workers, comprising a huge portion of medical professionals, offer necessary care to virtually every patient that enters a medical setting, from the simplest monitoring to complex responsibilities associated with specialty areas such as obstetrics and surgery. Due to the tremendous need for nurses, the deficit of such professionals increases dramatically each year. MAC strives to provide a progressive education to students interested in such careers with the knowledge and technical skills to perform the responsibilities of such positions with confidence and technical merit. These courses of study prepare students to sit for national exams to earn licensure as Registered Nurses.

Associate Degree in Nursing Program

The most basic of the Nursing Programs offered by Mount Aloysius College, the Associate Degree in Nursing Program offers students a fast track to employment as an entry-level Registered Nurse. Students in this program can choose between a four semester and summer term curriculum or one that covers five semesters without a summer requirement. Admission requires demonstration of academic achievement and capability as well as compliance with moral standards and performance factors.

LPN to RN Program

Licensed Practical Nurses have the option of furthering their education and training in order to earn licensure as Registered Nurses through MAC’s LPN to RN Program. This program is comprised of four semesters and allows students to apply previous teaching and experience to the course work of the program. Students are able to prove competency qualifying them for enrollment in this program through experience and passing exams that demonstrate understanding and mastery of the concepts presented in early portions of the traditional program. Students must engage in both Nursing and general education courses to complete the program.

Associate/Bachelor Combined 2+2 Program

Students interested in achieving increased levels of education can enroll in Mount Aloysius’s 2+2 Program. This program offers students a four year track to two degrees, an Associate and a Bachelor. These degrees enable to the student to provide basic care and also fulfill leadership roles within the medical community. The Associate/Bachelor Combined Program offers the incentive of qualifying students to seek employment after completion of the Associate Degree portion of the program and continue working while finishing the Bachelor Degree portion.

RN to BSN Program

Registered Nurses who have previously completed a Diploma or Associate Degree can benefit from the advancement of their education and training through completion of course work that will earn them a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. This degree enhances the RN’s credentials, making them more attractive candidates to prospective employers. These nurses are also eligible for greater responsibility and enhanced career roles such as managerial and supervisory positions. Earning a BSN also qualifies interested students to seek advanced education in the form of a Master’s or Doctorate Degree.

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