Mott Community College Nursing Program Review

Mott Community College (MCC) is named after the donor who donated towards its establishment back in 1950. The college was then known as Flint Junior college and remained so until a vote by the residents of Genesee County decided to change it into a community college in 1973. The college offers higher education programs to residents of Genesee County at a minimal cost envisaging the vision of community colleges. It is also strongly affiliated to university of Michigan- Flint in offering some of the academic programs and offering articulation agreements.

Mott Community College- Health Sciences Division

The health sciences division at the college offers five nursing programs: two of which are associate degrees in nursing tracks and three certificate programs. The programs are accredited and approved by NLNAC and Michigan Board of Nursing.

Associate Degree Nursing

The program prepares students who wish to get into professional nursing by becoming registered nurses. Students undertake 67 credits distributed between general education and nursing courses. The program goes on for a maximum of two years with four semesters all year round. Upon completion, students are eligible for the NCLEX-RN exam and are also awarded the Associate of Applied Science degree-Nursing.

LPN to ADN Articulation

This route of getting the associate in applied science degree is open to active, licensed practical nurses that have unrestricted Michigan LPN certification. The program also requires LPNs who can show prove of at least 1 year working experience in a health agency. Students complete a transition clinical course and afterwards given an advanced standing towards the traditional associate program at the second year level.

The program accepts both Mott Community College LPN graduates and transfer students from other nursing institutions. Completion leads to the awards of the associate of applied science degree in nursing and eligibility for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Practical Nursing Certificate

The program is a rather unique one because all the courses required for eligibility into the NCLEX-PN exam are those taken in Associate in applied Science- nursing degree. This precisely means that the practical nursing and the registered nurses students receive the same training and attend the same classes but exit after the first year. This place Mott Community College LPN graduates at a better chance for the ADN articulation program from the previous ladder.

Nurse Aide Preparation

This is a non- certificate program that prepares students to work as nursing assistants in health care centers. The program is relatively short and requires only 4 credit hours and 6 contact hours. Students must be fully aware that there is no certificate awarded for this program as it is an alternative training nursing program. The program is approved by the Michigan department of community health and places students at a better chance in enrolling for Certificate in Nurse Aide training.


Just like the nurse aide preparation program, the phlebotomy program does not award a certificate of completion. Instead, the program is a preparatory alternative training program that helps student perform very basic blood drawing tasks.

Transfer Information

Nursing students from Mott Community College have the advantage of direct transition into four-year BSN programs. Transfer options are available in University of Michigan at Flint and Oakland University.  Students only require a single admission from Mott and the transition to the two universities is direct.

Mott Community College
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