Moravian College Nursing Program Review

Following in the centuries-old religious tradition that believed all people should be educated because all people have the potential for being saved, a sixteen-year-old Countess established a school for girls in 1742 in Pennsylvania. This boarding school, the first for girls in the “New World” underwent over 200 years of changes until finally, in 1954, its separate women’s and men’s campuses combined and Moravian College (MC) was born.

Nursing Program Review

Moravian College’s parent school had already been educating women for over a century before the Nursing Program was begun. This program is devoted to instructing students in a holistic approach to nursing, concentrating not just on physically treating patients but on addressing the emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs of the patient and his loved ones. This approach makes nurses invaluable to the healthcare system as patients are treated not as sicknesses or injuries, but as people. Moravian has a partnership with nearby St. Luke’s Hospital that gives students hands-on clinical experiences to prepare them for the medical function of nursing. There are several programs of study available to students interested in pursuing careers in the nursing field.

Traditional Baccalaureate Degree Program

The field of nursing is non-static in nature which influenced the development of the Nursing Program at Moravian College. This four-year program has a strong foundation of liberal arts and sciences education and offers students immediate introduction to theoretical Nursing concepts. Students begin their education with one year of strictly classroom instruction in both general education and Nursing courses. In the sophomore year of the program students will encounter their first clinical experience. They are instructed not just in monitoring and procedural care of patients but on the involvement of loved ones and the community in the healthcare system and treatment plans.

Successful completion of this program entitles students to sit for the NCLEX and earn licensure as Registered Nurses.

RN to BSN Completion Program

For RNs who have a Diploma or Associates Degree from another program completion of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree can be a highly desirable step towards increased career roles and responsibilities. Moravian College allows these students to pursue their BSN through a self-paced program designed to integrate previous learning and experience with advanced concepts to prepare graduates for such enhanced employment. RNs with baccalaureate degrees can achieve supervisory and managerial positions as well as increased involvement in preparation and implementation of treatment plans. Though there are no formal clinical hours required for this program, students are expected to complete comparable project hours to demonstrate tactical understanding and skill. 

Master of Science in Nursing Program

This enhancement of baccalaureate-level Nursing education prepares graduates for leadership roles in the dynamic, ever-changing field of nursing. This MSN Program is designed to create healthcare professionals able to fulfill leadership roles, as well as meet challenges associates with specific areas of nursing. Students choose one of three curricula geared toward targeted areas of the field, including Clinical Nurse Leader, Nurse Administrator, and Nurse Educator. This is an interdisciplinary program offering understanding not just of Nursing concepts, but of interpersonal relationships, business management, administration and other areas.

MS Program for RNs with Non-Nursing Degrees

Many Registered Nurses hold Bachelor-level degrees in disciplines other than Nursing. For these students, Moravian offers the option of completing a Master of Science in Nursing Degree that meets the special needs presented by this situation. RNs interested in this opportunity must demonstrate a level of competency and skill equal to that of BSN-holding Registered Nurses and complete any course work that would reconcile a learning gap. Completion of this program affords graduates with the same career opportunities and foundation for furthered learning as a traditional MSN Program.

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