Montana Tech of the University of Montana Nursing School Review

Montana State School of mines opened doors for the first batch of students in 1900, offering two degrees in mining and electrical engineering.  As more programs were added to the school by 1965 the name ‘school ‘was dropped and ‘college of technology’ was added. When the Montana State University system was undergoing restructuring in 1994, Montana Tech (MTech, MTUM) became part of it. This again led to the change of the name to Montana Tech of the University of Montana along with introduction of more academic programs.

Nursing at Montana Tech of the University of Montana

Montana Tech offers a sequence of coursework and clinical experience that leads to the award of an associate degree and a bachelor of science in nursing degree. Preparation of the students for the NCLEX-RN exam leads to them becoming registered nurses. The nursing program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and is approved by the Montana State Board of Nursing. More details about the programs are given herein:

Associate of Science in Nursing

The ASN degree from Montana Tech requires a five semester both full time and part time study commitment. Students get admitted into the school and take the first portion of the program referred to as pre-nursing courses. These courses take the first two semesters in the school and a second admission into the nursing courses depends on the scores of those two semesters. Students who pass the first two semesters continue to take the nursing and supporting courses of 48 credits in a period of four semesters.

 For the three-year 72 credit hours required to graduate, 30 are non-nursing and 42 are of nursing courses. All semesters of the ASN program carry an equal course-load of 12 credits each. One of the level 100 nursing courses is offered online while the other ten are offered on-campus. On the other hand, all pre-nursing courses can be completed on a part time study plan. A student who takes the part time option of the pre nursing must switch to full time for the nursing and supporting courses component. Successful students are in a position to write the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science at Montana Tech is an RN to BSN completion program. Candidates must be graduates of accredited ASN programs to be eligible to apply. Students take 48 credits of upper division nursing courses including five supporting courses totaling to 15 of the 48. Students who have completed all the lower division and pre-nursing courses take between 1-2 years depending on how many credits are validated from the earlier ASN degree.

Three nursing major courses can be completed online while those who have do not meet the pre-nursing requirements can finish those courses on a full time or part time mode. Just like the ASN, all the semesters of the RN to BSN have equal course loads of 12 credits each. Students graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree after completion.

Montana Tech of the University of Montana
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