Missouri State University – Springfield Nursing School Review

It was a Normal School during its founding years, preparing teachers for public systems schools. Fourth District Normal School was the name of what was to become Missouri State University (formerly Southwest Missouri State University).  dating back in 1905. As the normal school was undergoing changes and expansion, the name changed to Southwest Missouri State teachers college and later to a State College. The rapid increase in student enrollment warranted the change of name in 2005 to reflect the statewide student representation to what is now Missouri State University (MSU, MSUS or Mo State)

Nursing Department- Missouri State University-Springfield

The nursing department at Missouri State University-Springfield is the same department that offers nursing programs at Missouri State University- West Plains. The only difference between the programs is that the West Plains campus has associate nursing tracks but no graduate programs. The university has four nursing academic programs available for both undergraduate and graduate levels. The four programs have been approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing and have received continuous accreditation from the Commission on collegiate Nursing Education. The four programs at Springfield campus are given below:

4-Year BSN

This is a generic 4–year Bachelor of Science in nursing program in Missouri State University –Springfield and West plains Campuses. Students get admitted to the program first in a pre-nursing program; taking general education and prerequisite course in the first two years. After completion of the pre-nursing portion, students then make another application to the Bachelor of Science nursing major portion which begins in summer. It also accepts students who have completed a pre-nursing program from other colleges as long they meet the admission requirements.

BSN Completion/ RN to BSN

The Bachelor of Science in nursing completion program is open for applications to candidates who have already completed a 2-year associate degree in nursing and have a RN license. It can be completed on a full time or part time basis in a combination of day, evening and online instructions. Students who take the full time study plan complete the program in 1 year of three semesters while part time students can complete in two or less academic years. What’s more, admission into the program is not competitive; hence, as many as eligible candidates can be enrolled.


Accelerated RN to MSN

For exceptionally high achieving registered nurses, Missouri State University-Springfield has their opportunities to earn two degrees in one program.  This nursing program awards a baccalaureate and a Master of Science in nursing degree (Nurse Educator & FNP) tracks. It is an accelerated degree option that takes less time to complete as compared to the time it would require to complete coursework for both degree programs. Students complete a BSN component and few prerequisite 500 and 600 level courses before being allowed to progress to the master level courses for their clinical specialties.

Masters Programs

There are two master programs for BSN prepared students namely:

  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurse Educator

In addition to the MSN programs, post MSN students can also registers for the Post master Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator programs.

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