Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Nursing Program Review

Harrison-Stone-Jackson Agricultural High school formed the base of what today is Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC). The high school was transformed into a junior college in 1962 following a vote by the residents of Mississippi and the counties supporting the junior college. Expansion of the programs, satellite centers and increase in the number of the supporting counties finally warranted the change of name from a junior college to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in 1987.

Nursing Division- Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

The nursing division at the college has three programs; one leading to a practical nursing certificate and two tracks leading to an associate degree in nursing. Nursing programs are offered in the four campuses of the college as will be explained later. All the programs have been accredited by the National League for nursing Accrediting Commission. In addition, the practical and associate programs are further accredited by the States Board for Community and Junior College and Mississippi Institution of Higher Learning respectively. Below is more information about the three nursing programs.

Nursing- Associate Degree

The four-semester, two year program is designed to prepare students to apply and write the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses. The best candidates for this program are fresh, entry level students who want to get into professional nursing.  Students must take a total of 72 credits of both nursing and general education courses to be eligible to graduate and take the licensure exam.

Students can complete the freshman courses at George County Centre and later transfer for the final year in Perkinston, Jefferson Davis and Jackson Campuses or complete the first year in the three aforementioned campuses as a PN exit option. Hence, most courses can be completed at all the campuses of the college.

Nursing – LPN to RN Transition

The LPN to RN transition program is meant to help Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) to make the transition into practical nursing and is only offered in Jefferson Davis Campus. The LPN Mobility Track students are expected to take a Transition Course the summer before the semester of enrollment.  Successful completion of the course awards 14 credit hours and students are allowed to by-pass the freshman courses. The advanced placement therefore enables the student to join the ADN program at the second year level and later become eligible for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Nursing – Practical

This is a diploma program that is an exit option from the ADN program. The program takes three semesters to complete excluding an extra semester to complete the supporting courses. As a career ladder program, the first two years can be complete at any MGCCC campus along with the ADN program students. After completion of the first year semester at any of the campuses, students must then transfer to George County Centre Campus, where the third PN exit semester is completed. A total of 58 credit hours must be completed to allow students to graduate with the Practical Nursing Diploma besides being eligible for the NCLEX-PN exam to become LPNs.

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