Mississippi Delta Community College Nursing Program Review

Like all community colleges in the state, Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) was initially an agricultural high school. The then Sunflower Agricultural High School became a junior college in 1930 and later to Mississippi Delta Community college in 1989 to reflect the much expanded college. It has three off-campus centers as part of its commitment to reach all residents of the Mississippi Delta. As a Community college, it offers two-year workforce entry and transfer programs as well as certificate programs.

Nursing at Mississippi Delta Community College

At the community college, three certificate and two associate degree tracks in nursing programs are available. The practical nursing certificate program is accredited by the Mississippi Community College Board and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. The two associate in nursing degree tracks are accredited by Mississippi Institute of Higher Learning and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. The five programs are:

Associate Degree Nursing

The program is meant to prepare basic entry level nursing students to become professional nurses. The focus is to prepare students to write and pass the NCLEX-RN exam and become registered nurses. Completion of the two year program of 72 credit hours awards the student an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Accelerated Track for LPNs

The accelerated track for LPNs gives a chance to licensed practical nurses to become registered nurses via a transition course. Students must have a current LPN license and show proof of at least one year working experience as a practical nurse. The accelerated track course is taken during a summer semester and successful completion allows students to enter the associate degree nursing (ADN) at the sophomore year.  Completion of the summer transition courses allows the student to receive advanced standing of 18 credits towards the Associate of Applied Science degree. The accelerated track takes 12 months to complete having prepared students to be eligible to write the NLCEX-RN exam.

Practical Nursing

The practical nursing program at Mississippi Delta Community College prepares students to work under registered nurses in health care agencies. Students are prepared to take the NLCEX-PN exam and to become licensed practical nurses (LPNs). 43 credit hours are required to complete this program and be awarded a Certificate in Practical Nursing.

Health Care Assistant

The HCA program prepares students to work as nursing assistants giving basic care to patients. It is a one semester program offered in three campuses of Mississippi Delta Community College; Drew center, Greenwood and Greenville campuses.  On a further note, the HCA program at Greenville and Greenwood are full time day study plans while the Drew Centre program is only offered in the afternoons and weekends. Admissions are in both fall and spring semesters


This program can be an entry level point into nursing and trains students to become phlebotomist nurses/technicians. It takes one semester of 17 weeks to complete and classes are only held in the evenings. Students are attached to any one of the four affiliated hospitals.

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