Mississippi College Nursing Program Review

Mississippi College (MC) is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the state. It is a church co-ed college of the Baptist Convection of Mississippi dating back to1826. The college has undergone numerous changes including a double change between a Men’s and Co-ed College before its current status.  In the years in between its founding and its current status, the college has increased its programs, acquired other colleges and developed its infrastructural capacity.

Mississippi College School of Nursing

Mississippi College has two nursing programs, both of which lead to the award of the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. The programs have been accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education together with Mississippi Institute of Higher Learning. The two tracks of the nursing baccalaureate are a completion program for the registered nurses and a traditional track for fresh nursing students as outlined below:

Generic Track- Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The generic track is designed for the traditional nursing students who are making their first entry in professional nursing. The track takes four years of nine semesters to complete; eight fall and spring semesters and one summer semester of finishing general education courses. As a church affiliated college, Mississippi college nursing program has many courses of the Christian faith including different courses in the study of the New and Old testaments. A minimum of 127 credits must be taken but the number can increase depending on the electives chosen. Successful completion of the track requirements makes the student eligible for the NCLEX-RN exam to become a registered nurse.

Online RN to BSN Track

This Bachelor of Science track from Mississippi College is designed to meet the career advancement needs of registered nurses. As prove of their nursing experience and abilities, future candidates are subjected to a third-year nursing course. Upon passing of this course, registered nurses receive up-to 30 level lower division nursing courses. However, students must note that they must produce an active, unrestricted RN license for the State of Mississippi. Only those students who have such licenses are allowed to take the entrance course.

The program is exclusively offered online giving students a flexible mode of finishing a baccalaureate degree in nursing. Students must also note that the last 33 nursing credits must be completed at the Mississippi College to be eligible for graduation with a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

Congregational Health Nursing

Commonly known as parish nursing, this program is also available at Mississippi College as a Continuing Education Unit. The program aims at training nurses who are able to work a parish nurses in their own church gatherings and congregations. The program focuses in Christian faith-based community nursing training that encompasses Christian education, worship and Christian service.

This congregational health nursing program takes an equivalent of three credit hours and is endorsed by the International Parish Nurses Resource Centre.  The additional credits are usually offered to interested nursing students along with the two nursing tracks mentioned above.

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