Minority Grants

Minority Grants for Eligible Nursing Students
Nursing students who qualify for minority grants can use the awarded funds to help pay for nursing school or for activities related to the nursing profession such as research. Grants are available from many sources, and generally, there are no restrictions on how many grants you can receive.

Following below are examples of different types of grant programs for minority students.

National Grant Programs for Minority Students

Many national organizations offer grants for minority students pursuing a career in nursing.  Each grant program has specific eligibility requirements that must be met for students to qualify for assistance.  Grants can be more difficult to apply for than scholarships because of the type of information requested. It is not uncommon for students to have to include a grant proposal with their application.  The following is an example of a national organization that offers grants to minority nursing students.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Minority nurses and nursing students who are members of the Association are eligible for a variety of grants and scholarships including the Impact Research Grant and Continuing Professional Development Scholarship programs.  Each financial assistance opportunity has specific eligibility and submission requirements that include personal essays and letters of recommendation. Nearly 25% of all assistance is awarded to qualified minority nurses and students. Awards range from $1,500 to $50,000.  Deadlines vary for each program. Students can obtain applications and guidelines by contacting the Association at 101 Columbia Avenue, Aliso Viejo, CA 92655 or by calling (800) 899-2226.

State Grant Programs for Minority Students

There are grant programs available for minority students attending accredited nursing schools in specific states.  State governments and other organizations offer financial grants to encourage minority students to enter the nursing field to help address the shortage of nurses in underrepresented areas.  The following is an example of an organization that offers grants state-wide to eligible students.

Iowa United Methodist Foundation

Nursing students who attend accredited nursing programs in Iowa may be eligible for assistance from the Foundation.  The Justine E. Granner Memorial Scholarship offers financial grants to ethnic minority students. Awards are made after evaluating academic scores, letters of recommendation, and documented financial need.  There is some preference given to students who are graduates of high schools in the state.  Award amounts are $1,000. Applications are due to the Foundation by mid-March annually. For applications, students can contact the Foundation at 2301 Rittenhouse Street, Des Moines, IA 50321.

Educational Institute Grant Programs for Minority Students

Minority students may be eligible for grants from the college or university they attend.  These grants may or may not be specific to nursing. You can learn about grant opportunities through the student services office, the financial aid office, and the nursing department. The following is an example of a school that offers grants to minority students.

Agnes Scott College (Georgia)

Students who are enrolled in the nursing program have access to numerous financial assistance opportunities.  Hispanic female students can apply for the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship which is an education grant that pays for tuition as well as room and board expenses. Awards are made according to academic scores, leadership ability, personal essay, and financial need.  Application deadline for this particular opportunity is mid-January. Students can learn more by contacting the Office of Admission at (404) 471-6285.

Employer-Sponsored Grant Programs for Minority Students

Major employers may offer grants to minority students to encourage their entrance into a particular field of study. This occurs when minority students are underrepresented in an area such as nursing.  Employers will have specific requirements that students must meet to qualify for grants.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

To increase the presence of minority nurses at the Center, minority nursing students are encouraged to apply for the William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Program which provides education grants to eligible students attending an accredited nursing school.  Students must plan to obtain a bachelor or master degree in nursing. Attendance can be part-time or full-time.  Eligible applicants are male nursing students and ethnic minority nursing students. Grants are awarded based on academic scores, career potential, letters of recommendation, and intent to work in area upon graduation. Award amounts are $2,750 and applications must be submitted by the end of April annually.  For applications, you can contact the Center’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion at (513) 803-6416.

Community-Based Grant Programs for Minority Students

Several types of community organizations offer grants to minority students.  Civic groups as well as nonprofit organizations may have grant programs that are either open to minority students or that only minority students are eligible to apply to for funds.  Community foundations are a great resource for grants to minority students.  The primary stipulation of any community-based grant opportunity is that the recipient be a resident of that community.  Following is an example of a funder that offers grants to local minority students.

Grobel Scholarship Trust

Minority nursing students may be eligible for financial grants from the Trust.  Students must be enrolled in accredited nursing schools.  Only graduates of from Valley County high schools in Montana qualify for assistance. Awards are made based on academic scores, personal essay, and letters of recommendation.  Award amounts vary.  Applications are due to the Trust by June annually.  For applications and guidelines, students can contact the Trust at 122 East Pembroke Avenue, Hampton, VA 23669.  Completed applications are to be sent to the Trust at P.O. Box 191, Glasgow, MT 59230.  If you have questions, you can call (406) 228-8231.

Many resources are available for students interested in minority grants. Grants can be used for a variety of purposes including tuition for nursing school.