Minneapolis Community and Technical College Nursing Program Review

Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) is a metropolitan based college right in the heart of Minneapolis. It is a relatively young public two-year community college founded in 1996. The coming to life of the college was a result of mergers between an open enrollment college and a technical vocational institute. The college is dedicated to providing career entry programs as well as transfer programs for those aspiring to proceed to four year universities. Continuing Education courses and lifelong learning also make a good part of the college commitment to bring higher education closer to the community.

Nursing at Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Despite the recent founding of the college, there are quite a number of nursing programs that have been developed. Two of the programs lead to the award of an associate degree, one diploma and one certificate program. The five nursing programs have been approved by the Minnesota Board of Nursing and accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Program offerings are fully expounded below:

Nursing Mobility Program

i)        Practical Nursing Diploma

As the name suggests, this is a career mobility program that has two distinct portions. This mobility program carries three of the nursing programs offered at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. To start with, students enroll for the nursing mobility and are expected to finish one year of 25 nursing and 11 general education credits. After successful completion of this section of the program, students can exit and by so doing, earn a Diploma in Practical Nursing. Students who wish to exit at the first year level are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam to become licensed practical nurses in Minnesota.

ii)      Option A: Nursing Mobility A.S Degree

Progression into the second year leads to the second portion of the program, which basically lead to the award of an associate of Science in nursing. During the second year of progression, first year LPN students (unlicensed) of MCTC take an additional 37 credits to complete the requirement for the associate degree. Completion of the whole mobility program makes the students eligible to write the NCLEX-RN and (or) PN exam for double licensure.

iii)    Option B: Nursing Mobility A.S. Degree

The second option of the mobility program enables licensed practical nurses from any other college to complete the curriculum towards becoming registered nurses. In this option, students receive 22 advanced standing nursing credits and up to 11 general education credits from the PN diploma. Students get into the program at the second year level and take the remaining nursing and general education credits needed for the AS degree at MCTC. Two LPN to RN transition courses must be taken prior to starting on the nursing courses at MCTC.

Nursing Assistant/ Home Health Aide

Minneapolis Community and Technical College also trains students who wish to get into nursing as nurse aides/ nursing assistants.  Three options of the nursing aide certificate exist namely:

  • Nurse assistant certificate requiring one course of five credits
  • Nursing Assistant Extended Hour Certificate requiring one course of six credits
  • Nursing Assistant- Acute care option requiring three credits

Continuing Education Course for Nurses

The college also offers four continuing education courses for nurses including a nursing refresher for RNS and LPNS.

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