Military Nursing Scholarships

Military Nursing Scholarships for Higher Education
Military nursing scholarships are available to graduating high school students, enrolled military personnel, veterans, and family members of deceased members of various branches of the military.  Each program has specific eligibility and use restrictions.  They may even have post-graduation requirements.

Following below are examples of scholarships available from the military and other organizations for nursing students.

Federal Programs

The government administers multiple scholarship and other education programs for military personnel.  Financial assistance is available to individuals willing to serve in the military either before or after receiving their nursing degree.  The following are examples of such nursing scholarships offered through the Navy.  Similar opportunities exist within every branch of the military.

Navy Nurse Candidate Program

Students who complete this program become members of the Navy Nurse Corps.  They work closely with Navy physicians in service to navy service members and their families. Scholarships can range as high as $35,000 depending upon the length of training. Typical awards include $10,000 and $1,000 monthly stipend for two years. Awards cover tuition and living expenses.

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC)

This is an excellent opportunity for high school students interested in a nursing career. Students participating in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) can receive up to $180,000 in nursing scholarships to attend an accredited nursing program anywhere in the country.  Students must be enrolled in a program where they will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.  Awards cover tuition, books, fees and a small living stipend.

Practicing Nurse (PN) Program

If you have completed your nursing education and are currently employed as a nurse, you probably have substantial student loan obligations. You may want to consider joining the military as a way to pay off your student loans.  Nurses who join the navy can receive significant sign-on bonuses in exchange for service commitments.  Bonuses range from $20,000 to $30,000 and require a three to four year commitment.  Nurses willing to sign on for five years in the Navy can receive $40,000 to pay off nursing student loans in addition to a $20,000 bonus

Non-Federal National Programs

There are national organizations that are not associated with the government that offer military-related nursing scholarships.  Financial assistance from such programs can help supplement other scholarships for your nursing education.  Following is an example of a national organization that offers nursing scholarships.

The Army Nurse Corps Association

The Association provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate nursing or anesthesia nursing students enrolled in accredited nursing programs. Students must be pursuing at least a four-year degree to be considered.  Scholarships are available for students who plan to enter or already served in the Army.  Awards cannot be used for military-funded nursing programs. Nursing students who are spouses or children of Army veterans can apply for financial assistance.  Award amounts vary but are typically around $3,000.  Applications are due to the Association by the end of March annually.  For applications and guidelines, contact the Association, c/o Education Committee, P.O. Box 847, Manhattan, KS 66505.

State Programs

In addition to the federal programs, many states offer additional scholarship opportunities for former and current military personnel to pursue a nursing degree. Most financial assistance is available regardless of major; however, there are programs that focus on nursing and medical training.  The following is an example of a state that provides scholarships to veterans.

Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department administers multiple financial aid opportunities for veterans, their spouses, and their children. Financial aid programs include the Montgomery GI Bill for active duty and selected reserve personnel. Veterans interested in pursuing a nursing degree and meet all eligibility requirements can apply to receive nearly $1,325 per month for 36 months. Spouses and children of disabled or deceased veterans can receive up to 45 months of financial aid under through the Survivors and Dependents Education Program and Louisiana’s Title 29 Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program. Education benefits vary depending upon the program. Nursing students interested in any of these financial assistance programs can contact the Department at 1885 Wooddale Boulevard, P.O. Box 94095, Baton Rouge, LA 70804 or by calling (225) 219-5000.

Educational Institute Scholarships

Nursing students who are veterans may be able to apply for veteran scholarships as well as nursing scholarships through their nursing school.  The nursing department may not have information about veteran scholarships so students will need to visit the school’s financial aid office to learn more.  The following is an example of school that offers veteran scholarships, nursing scholarships, and nursing scholarships for active duty members and veterans.

Michigan State University

Students enrolled in the College of Nursing are eligible for multiple scholarships.  Nursing students who are military veterans may be eligible for the Captain Sean Grimes Nursing Endowed Scholarship or the Mary Milner-Estes Endowed Nursing Scholarship.  These scholarships are for Army Reservists, members of the Active Army or Army National Guard, or veterans of these branches who are enrolled in the nursing school.  Students can learn more about these as well as scholarships for veterans that are not specific to a particular field of study by contacting the Office of Financial Aid at (517) 353-5940.

Community-Based Nursing Scholarships

Community organizations may offer nursing scholarships to veterans or their dependents.  Groups such as Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFWs) or other service-related organizations may be a source of financial aid for members. Other organizations, such as foundations may also offer scholarships specifically for this population.  The following is an example of a foundation that offers scholarships to veterans.

Military Ex-Prisoners of War Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation provides scholarships to former prisoners of war, their spouses, and their children.  Nursing students who meet this criterion are eligible to apply for assistance.  Scholarships are based on academic scores, documented financial need, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay.  Award amounts vary.  There is no deadline for scholarship requests. For guidelines, contact the Foundation at 916 Bingham Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304 or by calling (910) 867-2775.

Eligibility requirements vary for military nursing scholarships.  There are multiple programs and organizations that provide scholarships and other financial aid to nurses and nursing students as well as veterans and their family members. By learning about the various opportunities, nursing students may be able to access additional scholarships for nursing school or to pay off nursing student loans.