Middlesex Community College Nursing Program Review

Middlesex Community College (MCC) was founded in 1970 and has two well established campuses: the main campus at Bedford and a satellite campus at Lowell. It offers both credit and noncredit programs for the adult community in Bedford. Since its inception, the college has developed to offer more than 75 degree and certificate programs.  One of the most successful departments of Middlesex Community college is the nursing department.

Nursing at Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College offers two associate degree nursing programs and two certificate programs in nursing.  All the nursing programs are offered at the Lowell campus located at Kearny Square and are offered in both day and evening classes. The nursing department is approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing while the four programs are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.  The college has formed articulation agreement with 15 universities and colleges in Massachusetts to enable students have an easy transfer of credits from the 2-year to the 4-year BSN. Precisely, this is what the college has to offer its nursing students:

Associate of Science in Nursing

The program prepares students sit for the NLCEX-RN exam. The program starts at spring and fall of each year and takes a total of four semesters. All the classes and instruction sessions are held at the Health, Science and Technology Centre in Lowell Campus. Classes are during the day and evening but clinical experience is scheduled for the evening hours only. There is also an evening-weekend option if the number of students is sufficient although this program takes one extra year to complete.  Classes are held at the same venue and include two week-day evenings and one weekend day

Advanced Placement for Licensed Practical Nurses

LPNs who meet Middlesex Community college admission requirements may be eligible for the advanced placement for LPNs. Generally, prospective students must produce current licensure for LPNs for the state of Massachusetts. Usually, the program takes the form of bridging courses to enable entry into the associate of science in nursing program.

LPNs seeking advanced placement must follow either of the following two options:

i)        Apply and take a number of bridging courses at Middlesex Community college. Completion of this courses leads to a nursing transition seminar into the ADN program.

ii)      The second option is for students coming from colleges that have articulation agreements with Middlesex community college. These students do not take longer periods for the bridging as some credits are transferred from their LPN program.

Nursing Assistant Certificate

The nurse aide program at Middlesex community college prepares students to take the certification exam of certified nurse assistants. It is fully accredited by the Massachusetts Department of Public health. Classes are scheduled for evenings only (Tue & Thur) and on Saturday while practical experience is only held on three sessions for the last three Saturdays of the training.  A total of 18 nursing and general courses must be completed.

Phlebotomy Certificate

This is an entry level program for the nursing field where students are trained on blood drawing techniques. Just like the CNA certificate, the program is only offered in the evening and weekends. 19 credits are required to complete the program with an additional 100- hours of externship off campus. Students are expected to cover the costs culminating from the externship hours.

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