MGH Institute of Health Professionals Nursing Program Review

MGH Institute of Health Professional is the successor of the old Massachusetts General Hospital nursing Diploma school dating a century ago. MGH Institute of Health Professionals (MGHIHP) is dedicated to the noble profession of training competent nurses since its inception in1977 after taking over from the general hospital.  From the start, MGH institute of health professionals has been offering graduate level nursing programs.

MGH Institute of Health Professionals-School of nursing

To become a nurse from MGH institute, there are two tracks that are usually followed;

  • Becoming a nurse at graduate level with no prior nursing experience or
  • Becoming an advanced practice nurse by building from your nursing experience

Programs are approved and accredited by the CCNE and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing.

Direct entry Nursing Programs

i)        Accelerated BSN

 At MGH institute of health professionals, bachelor graduates with a non nursing degree are welcomed to enroll to the “become nurse programs”. These programs are meant to cater for career changers and also responding the increasing need of nurses in the US. The program takes in bachelor degree holders from accredited universities to enroll for a 14- month accelerated BSN program. Completion of this program awards the student a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

ii)      Master of Science in Nursing

This 3-yaer degree program is also designed for non- nurses who wish to pursue a Masters level degree in the nursing field.  The program offers training to non-nurses who later are awarded the MSN-Nurse Practitioner degree.  And even more, it is one of the few nursing programs in Massachusetts that awards two degrees at simultaneously ie the BSN and the MSN upon completion. The following are nurse specialties offered here:

  • Gerontology
  • Women’s health
  • Acute care
  • Family health
  • Mental health
  • Adult health
  • Pediatrics

Post –Professional Nursing Degrees (For RNs)

The programs meet the educational needs of registered nurses who are in the pursuit of graduate studies.  There are quite a number of nursing programs in this category namely:

i)        Master of Science in Nursing

This program from MGH institute of health professionals is geared towards building on prior nursing experience. The programs are meant to take a period of two academic years with options of full-time and part time study modes. It is only open to students who already hold a RN licensure. The track leads to the award of a MSN- Nurse Practitioner degree.

ii)      Doctor of Nursing Practice

In this category of terminal nursing studies, there are three tracks at MGH institute:

iii)    RN to DNP program

This is an excellent opportunity for RNs who do not hold a MSN degree to get to the highest level of education without following the MSN route.  The study takes the form of hybrid learning modes with a combination of online and classroom instruction. Students can also choose between the part time or full time study options. During the time of application, RNs must choose from any one of the advanced practice nurse specialties of MSN levels and eventually taking the Doctor of nursing courses. The program takes 4 years to complete.

iv)   Post- Master Doctor of Nursing Practice

Unlike the RN to DNP, the Post-master DNP is specifically designed for RNs who are already advanced practice nurses ie only those with a MSN degree.  This program takes three years to complete with classroom and clinical practice being offered in part time and fulltime options. The program is also a hybrid where some selected courses are offered exclusively online and others in the classroom setting. Nurses are able to take concentrations in:

  • Global health
  • Nursing Administration
  • Advanced Clinical practice
  • Informatics and
  • Education

The same concentrations are applicable to the RN to DNP.

v)     DNP for Nurse Executives

This is a 3-year special program for nurses who can show prove of being in nurse leadership and administrative posts. It takes nurse leaders and builds on their leadership skills in the nursing field. Unlike the other two DNP programs at MHG institute of nursing professionals, the program is offered almost exclusively online with students only coming for classrooms sessions for only two weekend afternoons per month.  During these visits, students meet at Charlestown Navy Yard Campus.

Nursing Certificate Programs

MGH also offers three post graduate nursing certificates ie:

  • HIV/AIDS certificate
  • Post- NP/ MSN certificate
  • Mind Body Spirit Certificates (for holistic nurses)

MGH Institute of Health Professionals
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