Metropolitan Community College Nursing Program Review

Metropolitan Community College (MCC) was formed as a result of consolidation of 8 technical community colleges in the eastern region of Nebraska. Following this merge in 1974, the assets, programs and personnel from each technical college in Omaha and those of Eastern Nebraska came together to form Metropolitan Technical Community College. The new campus, set on different locations chose Fort Omaha to be the central Campus of the other 8 campus locations of the college. In 1992, another legislature was passed to remove the word ‘Technical’ hence the current name Metropolitan Community College.

Nursing Programs at Metropolitan Community College

The nursing programs at the college are offered at South Omaha campus. 1 two-year associate of science in nursing program is offered and certificate programs in practical nursing and nursing assistant.  The associate degree program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the practical nursing program is approved by the Nebraska state Board of Nursing. Details pertinent to each program are given below:

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

This is a course that requires 59 hours of classroom work and 23 hours of clinical experience to enable students to be entered in the states registry of nurse aides. The course is offered in several locations of the college and also available in day, evening and weekends study options.  Classes commence in winter and spring each year. After completion of the 18 units, students can apply for state evaluation upon which they become Certified Nursing Assistants.

Medication Aide

The medication aide course from metropolitan requires students who are already certified as CNAs. Student are free to self-register for this course and upon completion, they can apply to take the state competency exams. Completion of the course enables the medication aides to work as medication administrators under the supervision of registered nurses. Those who pass the competency exams are also entered in the states’ medication aide registry.

Nursing-Practical (LPNCE)

The practical nursing program at Metropolitan Community College is a career mobility program that enables students to apply for the NCLEX-PN exam or continue to the associate of science in nursing degree. The curriculum takes one year of three quarters to complete at the South Omaha Campus on a full time basis. During the 3 quarters, students take a total of 35 nursing credits and 12 general education credits. A separate 19.5 general education credits must have been completed before application for the program. In total, students require 66.5 credits to be allowed to graduate with a Certificate of Achievement and take the licensure exams. Students may choose to exit at this point and become Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) or progress into the associate degree program as will be explained below.

Licensed Practical Nurse-Certified (LPN-C)

The LPN-C course is designed for LPNs who want to additional education so as to get certification in more nursing roles than those of the LPN. Such extra roles include administration of IV therapy, Nasal gastric interventions among others. The course is offered in the evening, weekends and holiday hours and takes 11 weeks to complete.

Nursing- Associate Degree (ASNAS)

The Associate of Science in nursing (ASN) program is a continuation program and all students must have earned a LPN licensure to be allowed into the program. Because students already have 35 nursing credits from the first year of the LPN mobility program, they will only require an additional 22 nursing credits for the second year of study. All credits in the first year including the general education ones count towards the ASN degree.

An additional 20 courses in general education must be added during the 3 quarters of the second year, bringing it to a total of 42 credits in the second year. Therefore, for students to graduate from metropolitan community college with an associate degree, they will require 108 credits all completed in two academic years. By then students become eligible to apply for the NLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses.

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