Meridian Community College Nursing Program Review

Meridian Community College (MCC) was as a result of a merger between TJ Harris Junior College; a historically black junior college then. This happened in 1970 following a federal court order to separate it from Meridian public schools system. Prior to this date, the college was known as Meridian Junior College. The College received its current name in 1980 for the reasons of reflecting it expanded and diverse pool of programs.  The community college offers two-year programs, transfer opportunities and other community development education options.

Nursing at Meridian Community College

Four distinct nursing programs are available in the Division of Health Education and Nursing at Meridian Community College. Continuing education under the Work-Based learning programs is also available for nurses. Of the four programs, two lead to an associate degree in nursing while two are certificate programs. The associate programs have been accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the States’ Institution of Higher Learning. Practical Nursing is also accredited by the States’ Department of Education and NLNAC.

Associate Degree Nursing- Associate in Applied Science

The associate degree in nursing from Meridian Community College is a four-semester program designed for new nursing students. The program requires 71 credit hours of both general education and nursing courses. After completion of 8 prerequisite credit hours, students are eligible to apply again to the ADN program. At Meridian, general education and nursing courses are not segregated and are offered concurrently in the two years of study. The program curriculum prepares students to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam and become registered nurses.

Associate Degree Nursing Accelerated Program for Licensed Practical Nurses and Paramedics

This program is designed to help both LPNs and Paramedics to make a transition into professional nursing. The curriculum is covered in fast-paced three semesters in which, the first semester is a transition semester. Successful completion of the transition semesters gives the students advanced standing of 20 credits on the 1st year ADN courses. Therefore, students join the ADN class at the year-2 level and continue for the two regular last semesters. LPNs and Paramedics who successfully finish the accelerated ADN program become eligible to write the NCLEX-RN exam as part of getting licensure as registered nurses.


Practical Nursing Certificate

This program equips entry level nursing students with technical and practical nursing skills. It is designed to be completed in one year that leads to the award of a certificate of completion. Admission into the program is done twice yearly for fall and spring semesters. To be eligible for graduation with the MCC LPN certificate and eligibility for the NCLEX-PN exam, students must take a total of 46 credit hours.

Health Care Assistant- Certificate

The HCA, also known as the Nursing Assistant program prepares students to become nursing assistants and home health aides. This MCC nursing assistant curriculum requires 16 credit hours to complete designed to be completed in one semester. Like the LPN program, the HCA admits students twice yearly in fall and spring.

There is also a Work-Based Learning program meant for nursing assistant students at Meridian Community College. This program is like an externship program that awards the students 3 credit hours for every 3-18 of completed work site involvement.

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