Mercyhurst University Nursing School Review

Relatively new to the face of higher education, Mercyhurst University (MU) in Pennsylvania, previously known as Mercyhurst College (MC), has made tremendous strides in the twenty years since its start. Over 1,200 diverse students study on Mercyhurst’s four campuses. This speaks to the mission of the founding Sisters of Mercy, who do not feel that education should be a luxury exclusive to only a few. Mercyhurst as a whole offers well over 100 degree and certificate programs to fit the education and personal aspirations of its students.

Nursing Program

Nursing is a respected, admired field of study, and a crucial profession in the healthcare system. Virtually all medical settings and situations utilize nurses to provide everything from basic and continuing treatment, to primary family care. Mercyhurst’s Nursing Program offers many options to prepare students to seek immediate employment in the fast-paced field of nursing. The program also provides smooth transitions to advanced educational opportunities within itself and in other institutions.

Practical Nursing Certificate Program

Practical Nurses are vital elements of medical teams. They fulfill many responsibilities in regards to patient health and well-being, including acute and continuing care for injured and ill patients, life care for invalids among many others. The Practical Nursing Certificate Program through Mercyhurst prepares students to perform the clinical tasks of practical nursing, while also giving a focus to the psychosocial, emotional and spiritual applications of effective nursing. This program can be completed in approximately one year of full-time classroom and clinical study. Completion of this program qualifies graduates to seek licensure through the state board examinations.

Registered Nursing Program

Registered Nurses hold more responsibility and exhibit greater mastery of Nursing concepts than LPNs. Offering roles in administration, supervision and in specialization areas, the Registered Nurse profession is a rewarding option for dedicated individuals wishing to provide a higher level of care and more intricate procedural care. The Registered Nursing (RN) Program at Mercyhurst University was designed to provide an in-depth general education and Nursing course of study that will instill confidence in the graduate as he sits for state board licensing exams and proceeds into the workforce.

Mercyhurst offers state-of-the-art training facilities and well-rounded clinical rotations along with engaging classroom lectures to enhance student learning and mastery of technical skill. This program is offered as a full- or part-time schedule. Full-time study is completed in seven semesters of weekday-only courses. Part-time students attend courses on weekends and in the evenings for ten semesters.

LPN to RN Bridge

Many Licensed Practical Nurses will seek employment and then choose to return to Mercyhurst to complete training to become Registered Nurses. The LPN to RN Bridge Program allows working LPNs to study full or part-time. Part-time students will add six months of study to the two years required by the full-time program and will study only in the evenings and on weekends. This Bridge Program will teach LPNs the more complex concepts and clinical procedures of a Registered Nurse.

RN to BSN Completion

Mercyhurst’s Registered Nurse Program awards students an Associate degree upon completion. Students wishing to achieve enhanced credentials can enroll in the RN to BSN Completion Program. This is the first Bachelor Degree Program offered by Mercyhurst and allows an already-licensed RN to fulfill the course work to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in seven semesters over a period of two years. Graduates of this program are strongly encouraged to fill career opportunities within the Mercyhurst and surrounding area community.

Admission into the Nursing Program at Mercyhurst University is appropriately competitive to ensure students admitted will be capable of handling the challenging course work while exhibiting the compassion and interpersonal skills necessary to be truly effective in the nursing profession. Students must prove themselves to be not only academically strong but also of good moral and physical health not only throughout the application process but in order to retain a position in the program.

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