Massachusetts Bay Community College Nursing Program Review

After having temporal locations in Watertown and Boston, Massachusetts Bay community college; commonly known as MassBay College moved to Wellesley Hills in 1971, 12 years down its year of founding.  To date, the former Elizabeth Seton high School became the main campus for MassBay Community college.  By the year 2001, the college had additional two satellite campuses in Ashland and Framingham.

Nursing Program Overview at MassBay Community College

At MassBay community college (MBCC), there are four nursing programs namely Associate of Science in nursing (LPN to RN), Associate of Science in nursing (Direct entry), Phlebotomy nurse training and Practical Nurse Certificate. All nursing programs start at fall and they have flexible schedules with both day and evening/part-time learning modes. Some selected nursing courses are also offered in an online mode but students have choices to take or not to take those online selected courses.

Associate Degree Science in Nursing (ADN)

This nursing program is designed to accommodate two groups of students:

  • ADN-Direct Entry Students

It is for candidates who wish to become registered nurses but have no prior experience in nursing. With this program, the students are trained on all nursing courses including the nursing foundations. It prepares students to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam for licensure. It is available in two options where the day program takes about two academic years to complete while the evening/ part time option takes three academic years; 8 semesters and 2 summers. For the two programs, 77 credits must be covered within the stipulated time.

  • ADN- LPN to RN Students

This transition program is designed for LPNs who wish to become RNs via the associate in science degree route. The credits needed are the same as the ones the ADN-direct entry but having prove of licensure enables exemption of a total of 14 nursing credits after a bridging course.  It is worth noting that this program is only offered on part-time learning modes where classes and practical sessions are conducted. To complete this program, it normally takes 5 semesters with one summer session.



Practical Nursing Certificate

For candidates wishing to have nursing career-entry as licensed health care workers, the PNC option at MassBay community college is an excellent option. The program is accredited by Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing. It is presented as a 40-week training program whereby, students receive rigorous clinical theory classes and lab sessions.  Students begin at fall and move on through June.

A total of 48 credits must be covered and successful completion of the same gives the students eligibility to take the NCLEX-LPN exam. A certificate in practical nursing is the final outcome of the training program.

Phlebotomy Certificate

This is a very short; one semester certificate program that trains nurses on techniques of drawing blood for laboratory testing and diagnosis.  Students must have CPR certificate prior to enrollment from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. Only seven credits are required to be eligible for the phlebotomy certificate from MassBay community college.

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