Marywood University Nursing School Review

Established in 1915 by a devoted group of Sisters, Marywood University (MU) of Pennsylvania has grown to enroll nearly 4,000 students per year in its diverse Catholic-teaching based programs. The mission of Marywood is not simply to offer knowledge or even technical skill, but to encourage students to grow spiritually and personally into human beings capable of enriching the world around them.

Nursing Program

Nurses provide critical services in our society. From hospitals and doctor’s offices, to assisted living facilities and private home service, nurses offer physical, psychosocial and emotional care to a wide range of patients. Just as important as the direct care offered to the patients is the communication and involvement afforded to family and loved ones. Well-trained nurses will seamlessly integrate these significant people into the treatment plans of patients without losing touch of the health and well-being goals of the plan. Marywood University’s Nursing Program strives to instill these concepts in all students through progressive levels of training.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program

This four-year undergraduate program is designed to give students a strong core of liberal arts and sciences study and integrate into this foundation Nursing concepts that will prepare graduates to seek immediate employment or furthered educational opportunities. Students graduating from this course of study will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and be eligible to sit for nationally-standardized state board exams to earn licensure as Registered Nurses. Registered Nurses provide care to patients in a variety of settings including hospitals, medical offices, military service and private employment.

RN to BSN Program

The RN to BSN Program at Marywood University allows already-licensed Registered Nurses to seek advanced training and knowledge through coursework to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Previous experience and education offer an accelerated completion rate of approximately two and a half years. Highly experienced and motivated students can shorten this time further by seeking Advanced Placement based on hours of clinical work experience in the three years prior to admission into the program, or by challenging required coursework. To challenge any or all of the four eligible courses student must submit to comprehensive exams that evaluate understanding of the necessary concepts.

LPN to BSN Program

Marywood University also offers Licensed Practical Nurses a route of career advancement with the LPN to BSN Program. This program offers Registered Nurse licensure and granting of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at an accelerated rate. Like the RN to BSN Program, LPNs can seek Advanced Placement and use structured exams to challenge certain coursework to allow the Program to be completed as quickly as possible.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Administration Online Program

The most advanced Nursing course of study offered at Marywood is the MSN in Nursing Administration Program. Students enrolled in this program are interested in a nursing career that goes beyond providing care on a basic level. Rather, graduates who successfully complete this program will be qualified to earn positions related to healthcare law, extensive decision-making, upper-level management, critical research and other responsibilities related to the designing and implementation of care and treatment plans and protocols. This program is offered online for the convenience of working RNs capable of intense, self-directed study. Full-time students can complete the program in two years. There is also a part-time option offered in which students will complete the coursework in four years.

Marywood University is a Catholic University blending solid academics with core values that seek to develop spiritually, intellectually and morally strong, ethical and balanced people. The Nursing Program at MU produces creative, compassionate nurses dedicated to providing whole-patient care in a wide variety of medical settings.

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