Maryville University of St. Louis Nursing School Review

Maryville University (MU or MUSL) is a community focused liberal arts university grounded in the Religious of the Sacred Heart. It was established as a women’s academy by French women who had settled in the Southern parts of St. Louis in 1972. The College underwent tremendous changes, including transition form a women’s college into a co-ed institution. It also developed from a junior college to a four-year degree awarding college and finally to Maryville University in 1991. To this date, this private university holds the heritage of Sacred Heart Order at heart, and is guided by it.

Nursing Programs at Maryville University
Nursing at Maryville University is under the School of Health Professionals. The school is approved to offer nursing programs by the Missouri Board of Nursing and the programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The department of nursing offers degrees in traditional and non-traditional modes including online, weekend and evening programs. Four tracks leading to a baccalaureate in nursing are available, three of which are pre-licensure and one RN completion program. Graduate nursing programs include several tracks of Master of Science in nursing and a Doctor of nursing terminal degree as expounded below:

Undergraduate Nursing at Maryville
In the undergraduate nursing programs category, Maryville has four degrees to offer to qualified candidates namely:
Traditional Day Program
The traditional nursing day program has a curriculum the meets the education needs of beginning nursing students.  As the name suggests, it is a full time day program that aims at preparing the students to write the NCLEX-RN exam and become registered nurses. A total of 65 general education and 63 nursing credits are required to be eligible for graduation within a period of four years. upon completion, students are awarded the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.
Fast Track Program
The fast track nursing program at Maryville is specifically designed for students who have completed a minimum of 65 credit hours of liberal arts and science courses from a pre nursing program. Students who have the required courses join the program at junior level therefore, spend only two academic years at Maryville to finish their BSN. Since it is for pre-licensure candidates, completion offers sufficient preparation for students to write the NLCEX-RN exam.
Weekend & Evening Nursing Program
The weekend and evening nursing program offers RNs a chance to complete their baccalaureate at the Weekend & Evening College (WEC). Nursing courses are offered throughout the year including the summer sessions.  To be allowed into this nursing program, students are required to have completed all 65 prerequisites courses before beginning any nursing courses. Having met this requirement, the duration of study becomes 3 fall sessions and 2-spring & summer sessions each.
RN Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program
This requires candidates who have current licensure as registered nurses.  All students receive a minimum of 40 nursing credits in validation of the prior nursing experience. Courses are designed to be completed in one academic year including full load courses of a summer session. Regardless of the number of credits transferred, the last 30 nursing credits hours must be taken at Maryville.
N/B-Special Challenge Courses for Licensed Professional Nurses
For the WEC and RN Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion programs discussed above, licensed professional nurses (LPN) can challenge some level 200 courses. LPN students interested in challenging these courses must pay a separate fee of $25/credit so as to receive 5 credits per course. This is a great option for working professionals to subside most of the coursework needed.
Graduate Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing

Two options are available for MSN students at Maryville; one for BSN prepared students and the other for RNs with Diplomas or Associate degrees. Students are free to choose from the following MSN tracks:

· Family Nurse Practitioner

· Adult Nurse Practitioner

· Nursing Educator

Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

The above three are full time programs and students wishing to apply for online programs can do so for the following:

· Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

· Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner (AGNP)
· Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
At Maryville University, both Post BSN and Post MSN students have the option of completing a DNP as the terminal nursing degree. The program, together with the above two nursing programs are the only online nursing degrees offerings at the university. The 3 are designed to be completed in 2 years and is the best option for the working professionals who want to have a time-sensitive schedule.
Rehabilitation Nursing Certificate
This program is open to Bachelor of Science in nursing –prepared students who wish to take care of individuals that are chronically ill. It is a 1-year program consisting of 6 courses of 3 credits each bringing it to a total of 18 credits.
The emphasis of the program is the ability to carry-out evidence-based research in restorative health for patients suffering chronically. There is also great emphasis on the administration and clinical treatment options that enhance lives of patients with chronic health problems.
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