Maria College of Albany in New York Nursing Program Review

Maria College of Albany in New York is a nonprofit, independent, coeducational school that has almost 1,000 students. The emphasis of this college is to serve others. The Sisters of Mercy were the founders of the college that started in 1958. Maria College is located in northeastern New York. Both full-time and part-time programs are available, as well as online courses that make higher education possible for many of those who would otherwise not be able to complete college courses.

Nursing Program

Practical Nurse Certificate (PNC) Program

Maria College offers a Practical Nurse Certificate program that may lead to graduate to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) after passing the required licensing exams. It is an ideal starting place for students who want to enter nursing, but do not want to spend a long time in school. The LPN program requires 48 credits, and 32 of these may be transferred to the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program if a student decides to continue his or her education after earning their LPN certificate. The program can be completed in six semesters. There are 29 nursing credits and 18 or 19 liberal arts credits required. After completing the LPN program, students may sit for the New York State National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). Passing this exam means that the graduate’s licensure will be granted and the LPN may begin working in a variety of healthcare settings.

Admission requirements for the LPN program are a high school diploma or the equivalent, and a placement test in math and language arts if the applicant does not have adequate SAT scores. If required, the students must complete remedial course work before being admitted to the LPN program. They must also have their CPR certification and have passed a physical examination. The LPN program at Maria College makes it convenient for students to earn their certification because of two different tracks that are offered. Track one was developed for students who want to begin working as an LPN after completing the program. This student takes classes on weekends on a part-time basis. Track Two is the second option that is designed for those who want to transfer to the ADN program at Maria College after finishing their LPN studies. More of the credits earned are eligible to be transferred than in Track One.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Maria College has one of the few nursing programs in Albany that offers clinical experience at the same time as formal classroom work. Coursework for the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) are offered during the day and in the evening as well. Applicants to the program must have their CPR certificate and a satisfactory health examination on file. Students must maintain at least a grade of C in their courses required for the ADN, and both the theoretical and clinical components of the course must be passed or the course will need to be repeated. This may be done only once.

LPNs may seek advance placement when they apply for admission to the ADN program. After completing a six-week review course, they are eligible of receiving seven credits in nursing and will not need to take introductory nursing courses. LPNs may also take the LPN-RN Transition Course (PN-RN). After completing this LPN to RN program, LPNs may qualify for 15 credits in nursing. Two prerequisite courses that must be taken after the Transition Course are Nursing 198 and Nursing 199. In addition, 23 of the required liberal arts courses must be taken. After this, LPNs may enter the program as seniors who may then take senior-level nursing courses.

An option for graduates from Track II of the Maria College PNC program is the Pathway to becoming an RN. These LPNs have already earned the first year of credits needed for an ADN. If an LPN graduate does not enter the program right after graduation, they must have passed the NCLEX-LPN and worked for six months before being admitted to the ADN program.

All students in the ADN program are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN after graduation.

Bachelors Degree in Nursing

This college also offers a Nursing RN to BS Degree Program. It is designed for RNs with associate degrees who want to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The focus of the program is to educate the student about the older adult, informatics and alternative and complimentary theories. This focus is in response to the aging population of New York State and of Albany. Applicants to the program must be licensed RNs who have graduated from an accredited ADN program. Graduates of diploma programs are also considered. Applicants must have at least a 2.5 average in their previous educational work and must pass the health requirements for the college. Two references are also required.

Students are expected to take the following prerequisite courses: 3 credits of English Composition, 3 credits of Developmental. Life Span Psychology, 8 credits of Anatomy and Physiology, 4 credits of Microbiology, and 12 liberal arts electives. At least 48 credits must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or at least 60 college credits through both courses at Maria and transfer credit. All of the college’s requirements for a bachelor’s degree must be met in addition to nursing courses and clinical experience completion. After completing the program, students are qualified to take the NCLEX for licensure.

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