Mansfield University Nursing School Review

Mansfield University (MU) of Pennsylvania blends a beautiful location with state-of-the-art learning facilities to create a University experience ideal for its highly diversified student body. The faculty at Mansfield strives not to educate the common person but to train future leaders and world-changers.

Nursing Program

The Nursing Program at Mansfield University does not produce a uniform class of adequate nurses. Rather, it strives to enhance the individual and integrate each student’s strengths, aspirations and personality traits into the spirit of providing nurturing care and effective treatment. Two program offerings provide access to a baccalaureate-level degree. Graduates from MU’s Nursing Program are encouraged to reach for the peak of educational and occupational achievements that are appropriate for them and are able to transfer into other institutions with confidence.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree Program is designed for unlicensed individuals. This course of study blends general education anchored in liberal arts and sciences with theoretical and clinical Nursing instruction in a four-year format. Each semester of learning builds on the previous to increase complexity as the student becomes more comfortable and competent with the material. Successful completion of this program entitles graduates to seek licensure as Registered Nurses through the NCLEX-RN exam. Admission into this program requires that students demonstrate achievement and aptitude in academics and a true passion for nursing, as well as good physical health and moral character. In order to continue through the program, admitted students must maintain these attributes.

RN to BSN Program

Earning a baccalaureate degree opens many opportunities for career advancement and superior performance in current positions. Because of this, many already-licensed Registered Nurses with Diploma or Associate degree educations look to further this education and earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. At Mansfield University such students are able to fulfill the course work necessary to earn this degree on an accelerated track. Implementing previous learning and clinical experience, Registered Nurses can challenge early portions of the program and complete it in a shorter period.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program

For nursing students compelled to reach high levels of training and occupational opportunities, Mansfield University offers a graduate-level program. In this rigorous program students select a specialization and engage in courses of study designed to develop the next generation of leaders in Nursing. The Educator track prepares students to seek employment as instructors and staff developers, while the Leadership/ Administrator track produces nurses qualified for upper level supervisory, managerial and administrative roles. This 33-credit program is designed to be completed in approximately two calendar years of study. Instruction is offered online to provide flexibility and self-direction. Admission into this program requires the applicant to have already earned a BSN, or a Bachelor degree in another discipline with completion of specific prerequisite courses and submission of transcripts and two formal letters of reference that can illuminate the applicant’s academic and professional capabilities and ability to benefit from the program.

Mansfield University produces Nursing graduates ready to enter the dynamic, fast-paced nursing profession or move on to other institutions for doctoral level work. This institution is an ideal option for students interested in a quality education in a diverse, involved and modern setting.

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