Macomb Community College Nursing Program Review

Macomb Community College has its history dating back to 1953, when it was founded after the Public Instruction Superintendent of Michigan approval. The college was then known as South Macomb Community College. Later on, several larger universities in Michigan helped come-up with a comprehensive curriculum for a number of programs. In 1962, the legislature of Macomb County passed a vote to transform the college into a community college of the county. Macomb community college (MCC) as it is known today took form from that vote.

Nursing at Macomb Community College

The department of nursing at Macomb community college is mandated in offering the fully accredited and approved nursing degree. With only one nursing program, it is accredited and approved by the NLNAC and Michigan Board of Nursing.

Associate Degree in Nursing

It is the only program offered by the department of nursing hence, it receives full attention and commitment from all faculty members. The program is offered at Macomb’s main campus also known as the centre campus. It is an entry level nursing program that strives to provide learners with all the essentials of making a professional nurse.

Students must take a minimum of 69 credits to be allowed to graduate from the program. Upon successful completion of the above credits, an associate of applied science in nursing degree  is awarded.  The completion also gives the students eligibility to apply and sit for the NCLEX-RN exam after which they become licensed nurses in Michigan.  Normally, two consecutive academic years are required to finish the program as outlined in the curriculum on a full time basis at the center campus

Clinical Affiliations

Macomb’s department of nursing arranges clinical classes for the nursing students with many clinical agencies all over Macomb county and Michigan at large.  However, students must be aware that they are expected to cover expenses that culminate from the clinical experience visits. Such includes transportation to and from the clinical sites. Such include healthcare facilities like Henry Ford Group of hospitals, William Beaumont hospital group and the children’s Hospital of Michigan.

Transfer Information

Students are encouraged to enroll for the Associate of nursing degree at Macomb community college since articulation agreements exist with a number of major universities. The articulation enables the students to transfer their two-year nursing courses to a four-year program.  The articulation needs for each university are different and as such, students must contact the office responsible for transfers to ensure they take the required courses to facilitate the transfer .This ensures smooth and easy career ladder mobility towards earning a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. The mobility agreements are between Macomb and:

  • Saginaw Valley State University
  • University of Detroit-Mercy
  • Drexel University
  • Kaplan University

Students applying for transfer credits to Kaplan and Drexel universities must be aware that the BSN will be offered in an online option only.

The college has a strong and effective non-discrimination policy and therefore, it welcomes students from all walks of life to apply to the nursing program.

Macomb Community College
16000 Hill Road, Clinton Township,
MI 48038