LVN to ADN Programs | Reviews

There are plenty of accredited full-time and part-time LVN to ADN bridge programs to choose from for those Licensed Vocational Nurses who want to enhance their professional qualifications and training by educating themselves to associates in nursing degree level. Which LVN to ADN nursing school program will be right for you will depend on your current location and what you want to achieve career wise.

Here are some reviews of 5 colleges that offer the LVN to ADN course. Two schools are in California, two in Texas and one in Indiana. Each review shows typically what you should expect from each course.

Alvin Community College:

Alvin Community College located in Alvin Texas, offers a 1-year LVN to ADN transition program for students who are already Licensed Vocational Nurses.  The program provides an abbreviated pathway that allows nurses to receive credit for their nursing skills and prior education and experience.  Classes begin each May.  Students must meet the admission requirements and must show proof of their current LVN status.  The program is very popular and students will be placed in an applicant pool where the top applicants will be selected for program admission.  Applicants may apply from January to the first week of March each year.

Modesto Junior College:

Located in Modesto, California, Modesto Junior College offers nursing programs on-campus including a popular LVN to ADN bridge program. The program offers an advanced placement path for nurses who are Licensed Vocational Nurses.  LPNs receive credit for work experience in nursing as well as for previous education.  The program creates a way for LPNs to more quickly attain their Associate’s Degree in Nursing without the need to take courses on subjects they already know.  Applicants must apply and provide proof of LPN licensing to qualify for the program.  The program will be customized to each student.

Azusa Pacific University:

Azusa Pacific University offers nursing programs and bridge programs.  The LVN to ADN program is designed to give LVNs an abbreviated path towards achieving the ADN degree.  Credit is offered for general election courses that the LVN can show competency.  Each student is evaluated individually to provide a specific path to attaining the Associate Degree in Nursing.  The program is offered for a small number of students at a time – classes are formed whenever a group of six LVN to ADN students apply and are accepted.  The programs are CCNE accredited and are offered through the main campus location in Azusa, California.

Lone Star College

Lone Star College System Nursing Department offers nursing transition and articulation programs that are approved through the Texas Board of Nursing and accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.  The nursing programs are offered at the Kingwood campus located in Kingwood, Texas.  LVN to ADN articulation program allows licensed vocational nurses credit for their clinical nursing experience to reduce the length of time it takes to complete a degree program.  Coursework is provided in an integrated curriculum. Students must take placement tests for admission into the program.

Indiana State University:

Indiana State offers LVN to ADN programs both on campus and online.  Students entering the program must already be licensed LVNs.  The program combines general education and electives with over 40 hours of upper-division nursing courses.  The program is designed to provide continuing education to nurses who already have their LPN or LVN license.  Students must complete general education and elective classes.  Nurses will receive credit for their previous education and work experience.  The program provides students with the training necessary take the NCLEX-RN exam upon completion.