Luzerne County Community College Nursing Program Review

Luzerne County Community College (LCCC) in Pennsylvania is proud to be the largest institution of higher education in its area. With over 16,000 students in its varied programs, LCCC welcomes students directly out of high school and adults wanting a life change. The strength behind its degrees and certificates allows graduates to confidently enter the workforce or transfer to other institutions for furthered study.

Nursing Program

Nursing is one of the fastest growing and most in-demand occupations in today’s workforce. Graduates from the Nursing Program at LCCC are equipped with the knowledge and training to pursue rewarding employment in a wide array of medical settings. Skilled nurses are an essential part of the healthcare system and LCCC strives to produce candidates ready to compete for entry level positions as well as prepare them for furthered educational opportunities. Completion of these programs qualifies students to sit for NCLEX exams and earn licensure.

Perioperative Nursing Diploma Program

The Perioperative Nursing Diploma Program is offered to Registered Nurses, or those with graduate level education, to further their practical skills and training in order to seek a role in the perioperative specialty. Perioperative Nurses work in close cooperation with surgeons and physicians in operating and recovery rooms. These settings are challenging and complex, making it crucial that nurses performing within them are competent and adequately educated. RNs wanting to earn the Diploma that will qualify them for such roles will be able to complete the course requirements in five months of full-time study.

Nursing Associate in Applied Science Program

The Associate in Applied Science Degree Program is rigorous course of learning that prepares students capable of handling the material and performance objectives to seek licensure as Registered Nurses. These nurses work with other medical professionals such as physicians and dentists, and in supervision of Licensed Practical Nurses, to design and implement care and treatment plans for a variety of patients. These nurses also ease the difficulty of medical situations by communicating with family and loved ones and ensuring patients are satisfied by the treatment provided. Luzerne County Community College offers the Associate in Applied Science degree in two years of full-time study. Core Nursing requirements must be taken in a specific sequence to allow students to progress from fundamental information to more complex concepts.


Students interested in admission into Luzerne County Community College must complete an application and submit official transcripts from the secondary school or equivalent program from which they graduated, as well as any college experience. For admission into the Nursing Program, interested applicants must also offer satisfactory scores on entrance exams and a declaration form to indicate which aspect of the Nursing Program in which they are interested.

Students at Luzerne County Community College are offered technical and academic training in a setting conducive to personal, intellectual and professional growth. The Nursing Program at LCCC utilizes this growth to produce nurturing caregivers equipped with critical thinking skills and clinical knowledge allowing them to provide essential care to patients in settings such as hospitals, medical offices, long-term care facilities and rehabilitation centers.

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