Lutheran School of Nursing – St. Alexius Hospital Nursing Program Review

St. Alexius Hospital (SAH) is the mother to the Lutheran School of Nursing (LSN). Based in St Louis, Missouri, the hospital was established in 1869 by the Alexian Brothers, a family of prominent healthcare providers from Europe. The hospital dispenses its services through three sites and one of the sites, Jefferson Campus is home to their Lutheran School of nursing, as old as the St Alexius Hospital. The school has since been offering hospital-based training for registered nurses.

Lutheran School of Nursing Program

The Lutheran school of nursing, located at the Saint Alexius Hospital Jefferson campus offers a nursing program that leads to the award of a two-year diploma in nursing. The nursing program also offers chances to licensed practical nurses who wish to advance and become registered nurses. This department of St. Alexius Hospital is approved by the Missouri Board of Nursing and the two tracks of the nursing programs are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Registered Nurse (RN) Track

The registered nurse is a very study-intensive program that consists of rigorous hospital-based nurses training together with a nursing theory component. It is a full-time day program designed to cover nursing and university courses in a period of 22 months. Prior to taking the clinical nursing courses, students must complete prerequisites courses which are scheduled to take 6 weeks. The clinical practicum sessions take the better part of the program since students must have 16 hours of clinical practicum per week at St. Alexius Hospital. Courses are offered in 8-week blocks after which one week is given before resumption for the next block.

Successful completion of the required 82 credit hours, students become eligible to apply for the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered nurses and are also awarded a Diploma in nursing from the Lutheran School of Nursing

LPN to RN Bridge Track

The licensed practical nurse to registered nurse track is a full-time, day program designed to take 15 months of intensive study. Candidates must have current LPN licensure or eligibility for the state of Missouri. Eligible LPNs take a Role Transition LPN to RN course that enables them to receive advanced standing towards the diploma. Students are only allowed to transfer nursing courses if they are not more than three years old and if they were taken from a nationally accredited college. All other non-nursing courses can be transferred apart from those taken in Vocational and Technical institutions. After completion of the LPN to RN Track, students are awarded a Diploma in nursing and areas such eligible to apply to write the NCLEX-RN exam. Both tracks have fall and spring semesters starting dates.


There is an incentive program for non-nurse employees and immediate family members of employees of Forest Park Hospital and St. Alexius Hospital to enable them to become registered nurses. Students who want to take the program and fall in this category get a 15% discount on tuition fees for the entire period of study.

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