LPN Training in New Hampshire

There are a combination of factors in New Hampshire today that is driving the shortage of licensed practical nurses. First, there’s the aging population, which increases the demand for quality medical care. Then there’s the fact that many of the current licensed practical nursing professionals in the state are over 50, and nearing retirement.

Whatever the reason, however, all of this equates to one thing: becoming an

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in New Hampshire is a potentially good career choice.

Demand for LPN’s, and LPN Salaries in New Hampshire

The growth in demand for qualified and registered LPNs in New Hampshire is expected to be nearly 25% between now and 2016. That means that there are plenty of jobs for both new, and experienced LPN’s in the state.

The average salary for Licensed Practical Nurses in New Hampshire is around $44,000 per annum, which is also very respectable, given the limited length of training required. If that all sounds like a very good career choice, you’re right, but let’s look at how you can qualify in the state.

Qualifying As An LPN in New Hampshire

Before you can take advantage of the LPN jobs on offer in New Hampshire, you need to qualify, and get registered. That’s a two step process.

First, you need to find a course that’s approved by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing. The board of nursing sets the curriculum, and assesses training programs to ensure that they are teaching candidate LPNs the right skills and competencies. Training programs are on offer at colleges, technical colleges and nursing schools, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as it is state accredited.

The second step to becoming an LPN in New Hampshire is to qualify and register. That means taking the NCLEX-PN national licensure exam, and applying to the board of nursing for licensing once you’ve passed it.

This is the only way to become an LPN in New Hampshire, and you are only legally allowed to work as an LPN in the state if your license is current and unencumbered.

Working As An LPN in New Hampshire

Once you have your training and certification behind you, and you’re ready to start work as an LPN in New Hampshire, you can look for jobs at any state or private hospital, long term care facility, clinic or maternity hospitals. Doctors and dentists in private practice also hire LPN’s to work in their offices.

Accredited LPN Schools, Training Classes & Programs in New Hampshire

River Valley Community College Department of Nursing

1 College Drive
Claremont, NH 03743
Ph: 603-542-7744, x2723

Those who complete all the required classes are awarded a Practical Nursing (PN) Diploma. All practical nursing candidates must attend information sessions prior to starting the courses. You must have an active New Hampshire LNA (Licensed Nursing Assistant) license before being admitted into the PN program. This LNA license will have to remain current throughout the duration that you attend the program. A cafeteria and vending machines are available on campus. Students in the PN program can also access the health center and must have medical insurance.

* * * *

Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health       

60 Rogers Street
Manchester, NH 03103
Ph: 603-622-8400

This licensed practical nursing program is a day and evening program with a 24 hour per week clinical sessions. Students may apply for externships to assist them in gaining the necessary experience needed to work the health industry. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Applicants may talk to an advisor prior to enrolling in the program.

* * * *

NHTI Concords Community College

31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301
Ph: 603-271-7168

There is a performing arts center called the Capital Center where students must access a pass for five shows. Along with the athletics program students can also keep physically active by utilizing the fitness center. The LPN program is completed in three semesters for 43 credits and graduates are awarded a diploma.

* * * *

Harmony Health Care Institute

10 Al Paul Lane, Suite 204
Merrimack, NH 03054
Ph: 603-886-0822

Prerequisites for admissions into the practical nursing program are successful completion of the placement or entrance tests, a resume and three professional references. Students attend a total of 1155 hours of clinical, classroom and lab instructions. The program is completed in 12 months.

* * * *

St. Joseph School of Practical Nursing

5 Woodward Avenue
Nashua, NH 03060
Ph: 603-594-2567

The LPN program at this school was established in 1964 and offers the options of a four semester regular pace or three semester accelerated pace. According to the school they use a rolling admissions process so students can enroll throughout the year. Financial aid is available at this school in the form of Pell grants and federal loans.

* * * *