LPN Programs in Wyoming

If you’ve always wanted to be a nurse, then you might be able to make a career in the field in Wyoming in a little over a year. LPN’s, or Licensed Practical Nurses are in high demand in Wyoming and elsewhere in the country. It is thus a good career choice at the moment.

Wyoming State Board of Nursing Approved LPN Programs

Throughout the US, state nursing boards approve the course content of LPN programs, and the programs themselves, and Wyoming is no different. In fact, the first step in becoming an LPN is to determine which of the various course on offer in your area are state approved, before you sign up.

Who Offers Approved LPN Training in Wyoming

There are a few approved LPN courses in Wyoming, offered by community colleges and colleges. Not all programs are approved though, so if you have any doubts, make sure you ask first.

Who Can Become an LPN in Wyoming?

Like most states, there are minimum entrance criteria for LPN courses in Wyoming. Those criteria are usually that you are 18 years old or older, that you have a high school diploma or GED, and that you have a clear criminal record. There may also be a medical exam and drug testing.

The reason for these criteria is that a Licensed Practical Nurse works directly with patients, and has a high level of responsibility. You need to prove that you are fit for the position, and that you can be trusted.

Curriculum for Licensed Practical Nursing Courses in Wyoming

LPN courses in Wyoming follow a prescribed format. They are comprised of both practical and theoretical training, and cover modules ranging from basic nursing to lab work, and nutrition to caring for infants or the aged. Essentially, they’re designed to prepare you for the job itself, and for any situation you may face in a hospital, nursing home or medical facility.

Registering As an LPN in Wyoming

After you have successfully completed an LPN course in Wyoming, usually within 12 to 14 months, you will still need to take the national competency examination for LPNs, and when you pass that, you will need to apply for registration with the Wyoming Board of Nursing.

Earnings and Outlook for an LPN in Wyoming

According to the Wyoming Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s expected to be an increase of more than 11% in the demand for registered LPN’s in Wyoming over the next few years. Average salaries in the field are just under $40,000 per annum, and the availability of jobs, and the stability of the field at present make this a very good healthcare career choice.

Accredited LPN Schools, Training Classes & Programs in Wyoming

Laramie County Community College

1400 E College Dr
Cheyenne, WY 82007
(800) 522-2993

This school has programs suited for high school students who need an alternative to the traditional high school or who want to be prepared for college. There are athletic program to suit the sports enthusiast. There is 24/7 security on campus so students living on campus can feel safe. There are scholarships specifically available for the LPN program along with other financial aid options.

* * * *

Sheridan College

171 North Main Street
Sheridan, WY 82801
(307) 674-6446

There are many services and resources for students; these include a bookstore, library, counseling, health services, tutoring, athletics and recreation. The school awards scholarships each year but there are other financial aid options available through their financial aid offices. The practical nursing program is a two year program but student with nursing credit can complete in 16 months.

* * * *

Sheridan College Gillette Campus

300 West Sinclair
Gillette, WY 82718
(307) 686-0254

There are distance and online learning options at this school. There are state and private funded scholarships, Golden Age grant, Jump Start Grant, ETSS, FSEOG among others. There are also loans available. Student activities, athletics and fitness are services students can utilize. They can also live on campus while they study. The practical nursing program requires 44 credits to graduate.

* * * *

Western Wyoming Community College

2500 College Drive
Rock Springs, WY 82901
(307) 875-4440

Jobs are available on campus if you wish to make a little pocket money or help with your tuition. There are sports and fitness activities so students can stay healthy and active. You are welcome to live on campus while you study and a food service is provided for students. You can acquire grants, loans, benefits or scholarships to assist with paying for your licensed vocation nursing program.

* * * *