LPN Programs in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Workforce Information – Worknet Occupational Employment Statistics estimates that there will be an increase in the demand for Licensed Practical Nurses in the state of more than 11% between now and 2016.

With relatively high salaries on offer, and relatively short training periods, this is a great option if you are looking for a career in healthcare.

Certificate or Associates Degree – Which LPN Course Is Better for You?

The state of Wisconsin approves Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) training programs, but there are approved training programs that offer a certificate or a degree. The certificate course takes about a year to complete, while the associates degree takes two years.

The best question to ask yourself when deciding which type of LPN course you should be taking in Wisconsin is whether you plan to continue working as an LPN long term, or whether you plan to study further. If the answer is the latter, then the associates degree program is probably a better choice, as your studies later on will be shorter.

Finding State Approved LPN Courses in Wisconsin

If you’ve decided which type of licensed practical nursing course you want to take, the next step is to find a college, technical or vocational school or university that offers a state board of nursing approved course. Remember that not all of the training options on offer in Wisconsin are approved, and if you choose one that is not, you probably won’t be able to take the competency exam, or register as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Registering As an LPN in Wisconsin

After you’ve chosen and completed either a one or two year LPN training program, the next step in becoming a registered LPN is to pass the national competency exam. Then you need to apply for registration with the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing – which usually requires you to be over 18, have a clear criminal record, and to pass a few other tests. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start looking for LPN jobs in Wisconsin.

Earnings and Prospects for LPN’s in Wisconsin

There are many places you can find LPN jobs in Wisconsin. Hospitals, private care facilities, private medical and dental practices and other medical facilities all need LPNs.

Once you do find a job, you may be wondering what you should be earning. At present, the Wisconsin Workforce Information – Worknet Occupational Employment Statistics reports that LPN’s in the state earn, on average, a little over $40,000 per year, although that does vary by location and experience.

Accredited LPN Schools, Training Classes & Programs in Wisconsin

Blackhawk Technical College

Janesville, WI
Phone: (608) 757-7678

The practical nursing program at this institution is completed in one year (2 semesters) for 32 credit hours. This is a part of the RN program where students opt out to graduate and sit the state licensing exams. For 100 year the school has been in existence. It offers its students several financial aid options such as state and federal aids, loans scholarships and more. Activities, clubs, advising, career  and employment are some services here.

* * * *

Chippewa Valley Technical College

Eau Claire, WI
Phone: (715) 833-6419

Students can apply for loans, grants, scholarships, work study and veterans benefits. The licensed practical nursing students have the option of leaving the registered nursing program after the first year of studies and taking the NCLEX exams and seeking employment. Clubs,, organizations, dining services, campus event and other student services exist.

* * * *

College of Menominee Nation

Keshena, WI
Phone: (800) 567-2344

Family fun night, clubs and other activities exist to entertain and give the students active. The licensed practical nursing program takes tow semesters to complete and students who qualify mat apply for scholarships, VA benefits, work study programs and any other financial aid that is available. A bookstore, security and job center are some of the services on this campus.

* * * *

Fox Valley Technical College

Appleton, WI
Phone: (920) 831-4375

A cafe, bookstore, counseling and specialized services are made available to students at this school. Students also participate in events, trips, clubs and organizations too. Scholarships, loans work study and grants are some of the financial aid resources available. Students must have completed 2 years of high school, do pre-nursing and general education courses. Student jobs are available.

* * * *

Gateway Technical College

Kenosha, WI
Phone: (262) 564-2694

some of the services offered here are career planning, computer labs, counseling, a bookstore. There is no housing on campus but information is provided to students to assist them in finding suitable accommodation in the surrounding areas. The PN program is a part of the RN opt out program which let students graduate at the end of the first  year.

* * * *

Herzing University

Madison, WI
Phone: (608) 395-3440

This school has 13 campuses nation wide. Grants, loans, military benefits, scholarships are all available to students who qualify. In just ten months students in the practical nursing program can graduate and take the state licensing board exams. Career development, advising on personal issues, stress or anxiety and academic preparation are offered to students.

* * * *

Lakeshore Technical College

Cleveland, WI
Phone: (920) 693-1661

In takes just two semesters to complete your licensed practical nursing program, this is also equal to three terms. A diploma is awarded to successful graduates.  A golf course and a forest exist on this campus. There is also a child care center, career placement center, counseling, student carpool network are resources that students may find useful. Financial aid is available.

* * * *

Madison Area Technical College

Madison, WI
Phone: (608) 246-6484

This practical nursing program is completed in one year and student get a technical diploma upon completion. Athletics, campus events, fitness and other services are all available to students along with other services and resources. Grants, loans, scholarships, work study, VA benefits and more are available to those who qualify.

* * * *

Mid-State Technical College

Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Phone: (715) 422-5510

Students can step up to the RN program after completing the level that allows them to graduate as practical nurses from this Associates Degree program. They can utilize the career services to help them find employment for after sitting the NCLEX-PN exams. Other resources include a bookstore, counseling, clubs and organizations. Students may apply for financial aid.

* * * *

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee, WI
Phone: (414) 297-6241

Athletics, clubs and organization can help to keep you active. Student services include job placement, multicultural services, child care among others. Loans, scholarships, veterans aid, work study are just some of the financial aid opportunities available. There is no waiting list to enter the 2 semester LPN program.

* * * *

Moraine Park Technical College

West Bend, WI
Phone: (262) 335-5757

Federal and state grants, Federal Direct loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), VA benefits scholarships and other financial aid option exists for student who qualify. This LPN program offers and opt out option from the Associates Degree nursing program. Students graduate after 2 semesters and are eligible to sit the licensing exams. A bookstore, food services, auction items, learning labs clubs and organizations are just some of the services and resource offered to students.

* * * *

Nicolet Area Technical College

Rhinelander, WI
Phone: (715) 365-4637

This school offers a workforce development program for employees and employers. Activities, clubs, student government exist so students can have an active college life. Their lives are also made much easier with services such as child care, bookstore, cafeteria, multicultural center and more. Opt out option for the LPN students to graduate from the RN program after one year. Scholarships and other financial aid are available.

* * * *

Northcentral Technical College

Wausau, WI
Phone: (715) 803-1356

Some courses from your LPN program may be available on the virtual campus where you can study away from the classroom. Students study their practical nursing courses as a part of the registered nursing program and graduate after completing all the required courses and clinical training. The college community is a very vibrant community offering students the opportunity to participate in sports clubs and many other activities.

* * * *

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Green Bay, WI
Phone: (920) 498-5482

There are so many events and activities to participate in on this campus. If that’s not enough then maybe a club or student organization will keep you active.  All students who wish to enter the licensed practical nursing program must attend a mandatory orientation, Complete pre-clinical health records form within three months before entering program and maintain current immunization information. Financial aid is available to students in this program.

* * * *

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Fennimore, WI
Phone: (608) 822-2471

This school offers high school, online learning and other programs. Services include a career and job center, a health office, fitness center, spa, child care and food services. Student complete their LPN program as a part of the ADN program. Financial aid options include scholarships, veterans aid, Pell grants, FSEOG and others.

* * * *

Waukesha County Technical College

Pewaukee, WI
Phone: (262) 691-5368

There is a summer financial aid program. Along with that the options for regular classes include; work study, scholarships, VA benefits and more. A fitness center is on campus for students who like to keep fit. A student accident insurance plan is also in place. To graduate from the licensed practical nursing program student must complete 32 credits and exit from the RN program. The opt out option is only available to county residents.

* * * *

Western Technical College

LaCrosse, WI
Phone: (608) 785-9196

Athletics, a bookstore, library, career services are just some of the resources and services offered to students. There are scholarships, veterans benefits and other financial aid opportunities for those who qualify. The school’s foundation also assists students by offering grants and scholarships. This LPN program is 2 semesters long and requires some prerequisite course to get in.

* * * *

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – Rice Lake

Rice Lake, WI
Phone: (715) 234-7082 x5275

Become a practical nurse in just one year by opting out of the associates degree nursing program. To help pay for this program apply for scholarships, grants, loans, work study and other benefits. Get employed as soon as you graduate by utilizing the employment services on campus. Other services include counseling, safety and security, a success center and more.

* * * *

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – Ashland

Ashland, WI
Phone: (715) 234-7082 x5275

The school is committed to keeping its students safe by offering safety and security measure put in place. Additional programs include GED and HSED prep, peer tutoring, disability services and a help desk.  It is best to apply for financial aid as soon as you make out your college application in order to meet the tuition payment deadline. Your LPN program is one year long.

* * * *

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – New Richmond

New Richmond, WI
Phone: (715) 234-7082 x5275

Some of the financial aid available to students who qualify are; scholarships, grant, loans, work study, Va benefits. Don’t wait for acceptance into college before you apply, do so with your college application. The licensed practical nursing program is a part of the RN program where students get to graduate after just one year.

* * * *

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – Superior

Superior, WI
Phone: (715) 234-7082 x5275

Practical nursing students can opt out of the ADN program, sit the NCLEX exams and get on with their career in just one year. College tuition can be made easy with grants, scholarships, loans, VA benefits, work study program or any other financial aid option available at the school. The school ensures a safe environment by having a security post.

* * * *