LPN Programs in Maine

If you’ve always wanted to be a nurse, you might have held back, because of the time it takes to train. However, if you opt to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Maine, you could potentially complete your training in a little over a year.

While it’s quick and easy to become a nurse this way, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

State Approval for LPN Programs in Maine

As with most other states, the state of Maine requires that anyone who wants to become an LPN must first complete a state approved LPN training course – and at present, there are six colleges and training centers in the state that offer approved courses.

These facilities offer certificate and diploma courses, and it’s not important which one you choose – however, you must ensure that the course you opt for is accredited by the Maine State Nursing Board.

Registration As An LPN In Maine

If you want to work as an LPN in Maine, you need to register with the Maine State Nursing Board first, that means you need to pass the national licensure exam, and apply for registration.

Finding Work As an LPN in Maine

LPN’s in Maine, have plenty of employment options. You can look for work in state run or private medical facilities, and there are openings for LPN’s at hospitals, nursing homes, maternity hospitals, long term care facilities, and private medical practices.

Many employers of licensed practical nurses in “The Pine Tree State” also offer career development programs, that allow you to complete further training, and eventually qualify as a Registered Nurse (RN) or in another medical field, so this is a great way to get a foot on the nursing career ladder.

Earning Potential for LPN’s in Maine

Salaries for LPNs in Maine range from around $28,000 to $35,000 and more. Your earnings will depend on your skill and experience, as well as where, and at which facility, you choose to work in.

As with other ‘entry level’ medical professions like Certified Nursing Assistants, medical assistants and others, there’s also a growing demand for trained and registered professionals in this field, and with a positive job outlook, relatively short training period, and potential for advancement, becoming an LPN in Maine is a great option if you want to become a nurse in a short period of time.

Accredited LPN Schools, Training Classes & Programs in Maine

Central Maine Community College

1250 Turner Street
Auburn, Maine 04210
Phone: (207) 755-5408


The practical nursing program is a part of the associate degree in nursing with the option of graduating after the first year of studies. Among the resources found on campus is the health & wellness center along with a fitness center. Students also have access to counseling services, a library and a student health insurance plan through the college.


* * * *

Eastern Maine Community College

354 Hogan Road
Bangor, Maine 04401
Phone: (207) 974-4657


Students applying to the LPN program can seek financial assistance through federal grants, scholarships and loans or they could apply to the student employment program. All nursing students must provide their own transportation to and from the location assigned for clinical experience.  Accommodation is available on campus along with a library and recreation center.


* * * *

Northern Maine Community College

33 Edgemont Drive
Presque Isle, Maine 04769
Phone: (207) 768-2749


The nursing program offer students the opportunity to sit the NPLEX-PN state exam for their license after one year. Students may also opt to complete the full two year program for an associates degree in nursing. An athletic program, a library, dining services and campus housing is available. LPN students might be eligible to apply for student financial aid.


* * * *

Southern Maine Community College

2 Fort Road
South Portland, Maine 04106
Phone: (207) 741-5588


There are over twenty five clubs and organizations on campus for students to join in. The campus halls house more than 400 students and with dining and recreation facilities. Students applying into the LPN program can also participate in sports and they are required to take several academic tests for admission into the program.


* * * *

Intercoast Career Institute

207 Gannett Dr
South Portland, Maine 04106
Phone: (207) 822-9802


Students are advised to speak with a tuition coordinator for assistance with financial aid options and payment. The practical nursing program length is sixty weeks and 1530 hours of instruction after which you are awarded a diploma. Graduates are offered life time career assistance to ensure continuous employment.


* * * *