LPN Programs In Iowa

With an increase in the expected demand for trained licensed practical nurses  in Iowa of 14% expected between now and 2016, becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Iowa is a great way to kick-start a career in healthcare.

It’s also one of the quicker routes to a job in healthcare, and offers scope for later studies, to become a Registered Nurse (RN) or in other medical fields. However, there are a few critical steps involved in becoming an LPN in Iowa.

Finding State Approved LPN Training In Iowa

The first, and most important thing you need to know about training as an LPN in Iowa is that you must complete a training program that’s accredited by the Iowa Board of Nursing, if you want to become licensed to work in the state.

There are two options for training: certificate or associate’s, and there are accredited and state approved courses on offer at colleges, community colleges and practical schools throughout the state.

Registration and Licensing for LPN’s in Iowa

Once you’ve completed your training to become an LPN in Iowa, the next step in the process is licensing. Before you can apply to the Iowa Board of Nursing for registration, however, you will need to pass the NCLEX-PN national licensure examination, and a background check, including a criminal record check.

Working As An LPN in Iowa

One of the reasons that becoming an LPN in Iowa and elsewhere is such an attractive proposition, is that there are plenty of jobs available. The reason for that is that there are just so many medical facilities that require the services of practical nurses. Everyone from ordinary family doctors to hospitals, dentists, labor and maternity hospitals and long term care facilities (among others) require the services of LPNs, so you will have plenty of choice about where to work.

Earnings and Advancement for LPN’s In Iowa

The average salary for an LPN in Iowa is around $34,000 per annum, but many of experienced and skilled LPN’s earn more than that. There’s also the option of continuing your studies after you qualify as an LPN, to become an RN later on, or you could take a supervisory or IV therapy course, and choose to specialize in the field.

Whatever you choose, with courses that start at around one year in length, and with so many options in terms of your career path, this is certainly a great choice of career if you’re looking to get into healthcare.

Accredited LPN Schools, Training Classes & Programs in Iowa

Des Moines Area Community College

Nursing Department
Phone: 515-964-6324

The LPN program at this school has a four year average pass rate of 95% for the NPLEX-PN national licensure exam; which graduates must take if they want to become licensed practical nurses. The practical nursing program takes one year to complete. A career center is available to assist students in the employment process after graduation. For student who need assistance with tuition there is also a work study program.

* * * *

Eastern Iowa Community College

EICCD Department of Nursing
Phone: 563-441-4256

This practical nursing program is completed in eleven months and require 47 credit hours to graduate. There are grants, scholarships and direct loans programs available for students who qualify. A work study program is also available for students who prefer that route. The bookstore has many books and supplies that you will need.

* * * *

Hawkeye Community College

Department of Nursing
Phone: 319-296-4013

Before entering the LPN program all students must submit to a criminal background check, sex offender registry,  child abuse registry and a physical. All students must be CPR certified. A diploma is awarded upon completion of the program. Students nutritional needs are met via the food court, at a minimal cost.

* * * *

Indian Hills Community College

Nursing Department
Phone: 800-726-2585, x5164

There are over 170 online courses and LPN students can do some of their basic courses via this method. The practical nursing diploma program takes four terms to complete and students have the option of daytime or evening classes. Students in this program can also opt to continue to an associates degree in nursing.

* * * *

Iowa Central Community College

Health Science Department
Phone: 800-362-2793

This practical nursing program prepares students to meet the necessary requirements to become LPN practitioners. The LPN program at this school ensures 360 hour of clinical trials to students are adequately prepared to work in environments such as clinic, operating rooms, health centers and nursing homes.

* * * *

Iowa Lakes Community College

Nursing Department
Phone: 800-242-5108

This school has athletics programs for both male and female students. Among their vocational programs is the LPN program which requires all students to be CPR certified. Some of the many resources available are the bookstore, library, clubs and organization, counseling, housing and food. For assistance with tuition you may apply for financial aid.

* * * *

Iowa Valley Community College District

IVCCD-Health Occupations Division
Phone: 641-752-7106

Academic advising and counseling are just two of the resources here for students. There is also an athletic program for students who are inclined towards sports. There are several federal grants, scholarships and state funded programs available for those who qualify. The practical nursing program accepts students year round.

* * * *

Iowa Western Community College

Nursing Department
Phone: 800-432-5852, ext 3392

The LPN program at this school is completed in only two semesters and can take only 96 students per program with each class size averaging 32 students. Classes are day time only with a diploma awarded upon completion. There are many activities to participate in including over twenty clubs and organizations.

* * * *

Kaplan University

Nursing Department
Phone: 319-363-0481

In addition to the federal grants, scholarships and military aids, there is also a community college alliance program. This school offers a nurse practitioner certificate also known as a practical nursing certificate. The also credits for prior learning via an assessment. International students will need to supply a bank statement in US dollars to prove they will be able to pay for their program of study.

* * * *

Kirkwood Community College

Health Science Department
Phone: 319-398-5563

This practical nursing program is a part of an associate degree in nursing, but students can opt out after two semesters to sit the NPLEX-PN examinations to become licensed practical nurses which makes them eligible to start working in hospitals, health care center, nursing homes and many other health care facilities.

* * * *

Mercy College of Health Sciences

Nursing Division
Phone: 515-643-6615

The medical assisting program at this school is similar to a practical nursing program and is completed in three semesters. Join in the alumni associations and keep in touch with your school and classmates after graduating. The library has many resources available to help you while you study. There is a CPR training center to help get you CPR certified.

* * * *

Northeast Iowa Community College

Nursing Department
Phone: Calmar 800-728-2256
Phone: Peosta 800-728-7367 x204

This LPN program length is dependent on the student and a diploma is awarded upon successful completion. Their career services help with choosing the right career and to help you with your job search. Another useful resource is the co-op career experience where you gain experience through internships.

* * * *

North Iowa Area Community College

Nursing Department
Phone: 641-423-1264

Student applying into this LPN program must complete a 75 hour nursing aide course. According to the school students may complete the practical nursing program in one summer term and two academic terms. A minimum GPA of 2.0 or grade C must be maintained in order to graduate. There are many clubs available on campus including a nursing club.

* * * *

Northwest Iowa Community College

Nursing Department
Phone: 712-324-5061

The fitness center offers a free group fitness class for those wanting to keep fit. Other athletic activities are also available to students. Housing is also available here and students get to choose from the three halls where their dorms are. There are scholarships and grants available to help you pay for your LPN program.

* * * *

Southeastern Community College

Nursing Department
Phone: 866-722-4692

High school students can take college courses so that their have some credits to enter their program of choice when they are ready for college. Students complete their practical nursing program in one summer semester and two academic semester and are awarded a diploma. They may continue into the Associate degree program to become a RN.

* * * *

Southwestern Community College

Nursing Education Department
Phone: 641-782-7081

Students applying for housing must do so before applying for academic programs and payment of fees. The LPN program is a part of the RN associates degree program. Students are scored on a point system after completing phase two of the ADN program. Based on your scores, students are awarded LPN, nursing aid, medical assistant or EMT.

* * * *

St. Luke’s College

Department of Nursing Education
Phone: 712-279-3149

There are over 20 scholarship opportunities and numerous federal and state grants available for students who qualify. For the past several years this school has had a pass rate of 95% and over for LPN students who sit the NPLEX-PN exams. The practical nursing program has four semesters to complete including a summer semester.

* * * *

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Nursing and Allied Health Division
Phone: 800-352-4649

All students enrolled in the LPN program must submit to a mandatory reporter training for child and adult abuse certificates, a physical and the required CPT and ASSET tests. Financial aid options include federal grants, State grants, scholarships, work study programs and student loans. Room and board is available for students who wish to live on campus.

* * * *