LPN Programs in Connecticut

If you like helping people, and you’ve always wanted to work in healthcare, then you might be surprised to learn that Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) programs in Connecticut and elsewhere can have you doing just that in about a year. There are a few tricks to finding the right kind of LPN training in Connecticut though, so read on, and find out how you can fast track your way into the healthcare field.

Approved Training for Licensed Practical Nurses In Connecticut

The first step in becoming a registered LPN in Connecticut, is to find a Connecticut Board of Examiners for Nursing approved training program. These are offered by technical schools, colleges and community colleges, and a few private training facilities. There are diploma and certificate courses, and the training program usually lasts about one year.

What Does the LPN Training Course In Connecticut Cover?

The Connecticut LPN training syllabus is designed to allow you to cope with the job of an LPN at any hospital, clinic, doctor’s office or dentist’s practice. It covers everything from medical terminology and anatomy, to pharmacology and patient care, and it’s divided into practical, classroom and lab based study.

Registration As An LPN in Connecticut

Like most other states, Connecticut requires that all candidate LPN’s who have completed their training take the NCLEX-PN, or licensure exam. In Connecticut, however, you are allowed to work as an LPN for up to 90 days, while you await your test date, so even if you haven’t passed the exam yet, you can accept a position in the state.

Transferring An Out of State Qualification to Connecticut

If you have completed training and certification as an LPN outside of Connecticut, it may be possible to transfer your qualification to the state. You will need to visit the Connecticut Department of Health website, and find the right forms to complete, and the state health department will have to confirm that your practical and theoretical training meets the state standard, but if you’re moving to Connecticut for any reason, that is certainly good news!

Earnings and Outlook for an LPN in Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the higher paying states for registered LPN’s, and the average entry level wage for newly qualified candidates is around $43,000. Many experienced LPN’s earn considerably more than that though, and not only are LPNs in demand in the state, but it’s also a good way to start earning before you train as an Registered Nurse (RN), or in another healthcare discipline.

Accredited LPN Schools, Training Classes & Programs in Connecticut

A. I. Prince

410 Flatbush Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
Ph: 860-951-7112, x5036

A technical high school that functions more like a college, you can complete your LPN program here. An accredited program offered by the state department on education the LPN program requires three semesters for completion. The LPN program is an adult day program. Scholarships and financial aid are available for those who qualify. Take part in any of of their numerous athletic programs ranging from cross country to volley ball.

* * * *


500 Palisade Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 066l0
Ph: 203-579-6333 x6435

Another Technical High school with full time daytime and evening adult programs to suit your educational needs. Join the LPN program and realize your dreams of a career in the field. A state of the art library is available where you can browse the internet or do your research the old fashion way with books. Take the career development course to boost your employment prospects when you graduate.

* * * *

Eli Whitney

71 Jones Road
Hamden, CT 06514
Ph: 203-397-4031 x336

With a strict anti-bullying, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy, this appears to be a safe and comfortable environment for pursue your LPN program. Join Skills USA which provides leadership, citizenship and character development programs and activities. Estimated Tuition fees are less than $7,000. If you like adventures then join the Outdoor Adventures Club.

* * * *

Lincoln Technical Institute

8 Progress Drive
Shelton, CT 06484
Ph: 203-929-0592

The LPN program at this campus offers comprehensive training in the areas of human biology, clinical rotations, medical terminology and many more subject areas. There are many options available for student financing, including federal and state grants. With the growing demand for practical nurses, their career department gives you a step in the right direction.

* * * *

Lincoln Technical Institute

109 Sanford Street
Hamden, CT 06514
Ph: 203-287-7300

For over 65 years this institute has offered quality education to its students. They provide a drug and alcohol prevention program to allow students a comfortable environment to undertake your LPN program. Sudents who did not graduate high school are still allowed to apply due to their new admissions policy whichl assist in guiding you in the right direction.

* * * *

Lincoln Technical Institute

200 John Downey Drive
New Britain, CT 06051
Ph: 860-225-8641

With 13 campuses throughout the country and 3 in Connecticut, your LPN program is within your reach. Licensed practical nurses are highly skilled workers who are trained to deal will a wide variety of individuals with different medical and health needs. Training includes communication skills, elderly and child care. Check out their job board for open positions to earn while you study.

* * * *

Norwich Technical School

7 Mahan Drive
Norwich, CT 06360
Ph: 860-889-8453 x2181

A n activity filled environment that see to the educational needs of its students, you may participate in any of the extra curricular activites or athletics that are offered. With the ease of entry into the LPN program you can study day or evening to achieve your goal. Meals are provided by the National School Lucch program.

* * * *

Porter and Chester Institute

221 West Main Street
Branford, CT 06405
Ph: 203-315-1060

Federal Supplementary Educational Opportunity and Pell Grants are just two of the financial assistance that are available to assist with your LPN program. You can also pay your tuition online where its quicker and very secure. PCI Graduate Employment Specialists will guide you in finding employment after completing your program.

* * * *

Porter and Chester Institute

138 Weymouth Road
Enfield, CT 06082
Ph: 860-741-2561

A very spacious 50,000 square foot campus building allows for lots of space and comfort while undertaking your LPN program. Huge space with small class sizes allows for personalized attention. Enroll to start in any term throughout the year and graduate in one year. Get all your supplies, uniforms and book all on campus and save the hassle of shopping.

* * * *

Porter and Chester Institute

30 Waterchase Drive
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Ph: 860-529-2519

This school was founded in 1946 in Hartford. The LPN program aloows training in clinical settings and direct access to patients. Licensed practical nurses earn over $35,000 per year and demand is believed to be increased in the next few years. You also have the option of transferring to a university and completing a RN program.

* * * *

Porter and Chester Institute

320 Sylvan Lake Road
Watertown, CT 06779
Ph: 860-274-9294

The easy online application form is the first step toward enrolling in the LPN program at this school. There are many financial aid options such as state and federal grand and loans. The online tuition checker will give you an idea of how much your tuition will cost. Based on employer testimonials students are highly skilled, competent and do make a difference in the work place.

* * * *

Stone Academy

1315 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06514
Ph: 203-288-7474

Submit your health report and immunization records along with all other admissions requirements when applying for the LPN program. You will also need to be CPR certified before you clinical rotation starts. The federal Pell and FSEOG are available so apply as soon as you can. There is also a federal work study program available for those wishing to earn while you study.

* * * *

Stone Academy

745 Burnside Avenue
East Hartford, CT 06108
Ph: 860-569-0618

Some foreign students might qualify for student financial aid to undertake the LPN program. In addition, there are scholarships, grants, and other financial options offered by the institution. There are many activities through the year in which you can participate, such as picnics, potluck lunches and appreciation day. For post-secondary support programs join the Phi Beta Lambda national student organization.

* * * *

Vinal Technical School

60 Daniels Street
Middletown, CT 06457
Ph: 860-344-7100 x322

So many sports and athletic programs to keep you active and mentally charged while you do your LPN program here. A school dedicated to the safety of its student, it has an emergency preparedness plan that ensure your child is safe during any disaster. There are support services staff for any problems you may have or for advice on employment.

* * * *

W. F. Kaynor

43 Tompkins Street
Waterbury, CT 06708
Ph: 203-596-4302, x462

The Honor Society is made up of an elite group of student who participate in charity work, blood drives and so much more. There are so many more activities to get involved while doing your LPN program. Their work based learning program allows you to gain valuable experience while you study, to facilitate smooth transition into the working world.

* * * *


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