LPN Nursing Scholarships

LPN Nursing Scholarships for Initial and Advanced Training
An LPN is a Licensed Practical Nurse. Students seeking LPN nursing scholarships are interested in becoming licensed practical nurses.  These nurses are responsible for patient care and have many opportunities for advancement even without additional education.  Nursing scholarships can help students pay for their nursing education.  Costs covered may include tuition, books, fees, and possible living expenses.

Following below are examples of programs that offer nursing scholarships for LPN students.

Specialty Scholarships for LPN Professionals

Like other nurses, an LPN will  often specialize in a particular area of nursing. This allows nursing students to hone skills that will be particularly useful in their area of expertise. The following is an example of a scholarship program for LPN students.

Emergency Nurses Association Foundation

The Foundation awards scholarships to Licensed Practical Nurses who are currently employed in emergency care.  With nearly 30 scholarships, there are multiple opportunities for LPNs to apply for financial assistance including the Betty J. Smith, RN Memorial Scholarship and the Charles Kunz Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on academic scores, current work record, and financial need. All applicants must be members of the Emergency Nurses Association to be considered.  Award amounts range from $2,500 to $5,000, depending upon the scholarship program. Applications are due to the Foundation by June annually. For applications, LPNs can contact the Foundation at 915 Lee Street, Des Plaines, IL 60016.

Educational Institute Nursing Scholarships for LPNs

As soon as you have been accepted into nursing school, you should find out about any scholarships available through your school that you may be eligible to apply for to help pay for your education.  Your school’s financial aid office and nursing department will have information on available scholarships for LPN students.  Following is an example of a college that offers scholarships for LPN nursing students.

Wallace Community College (Alabama)

The College offers five scholarships to students enrolled in the LPN program.  These include the Career Ladder Scholarship, the Licensed Practical Nursing Program Scholarship, and the Tuition Assistance Scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded based on high academic scores and financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Award amounts vary but typically cover between three and five semesters of tuition.  Students should generally apply for financial aid once they have been accepted to the College.  Interested students can learn more about these scholarship opportunities by contacting the financial aid office.

Employer-Sponsored Nursing Scholarships for LPNs

Local employers may offer scholarships to LPN students.  These are likely to be healthcare organizations.  Major employers often administer scholarship programs for employees and their children.  The following are examples of employers than offer scholarships to LPN employees.

Valley of the Sun Hospice Association

The association offered scholarships for advanced nursing education to Hospice employees.  Current LPN employees are eligible to apply for financial assistance to get a higher degree.  Applicants must agree to continue working for the Hospice for at least 2 years after receiving tuition assistance.  Scholarships are awarded based on current standing, financial need, and letters of recommendation.  Award amounts vary.  There are no deadlines for submission. Interested employees should contact the Association at 1510 East Flower Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014 or by calling (602) 530-6900.

Little Company of Mary Community Health Foundation

LPNs who are employed by Little Company of Mary are eligible to apply for financial assistance to pursue a higher degree.  Scholarships are awarded based on work history, commitment to Little Company of Mary, and a personal essay outlining future goals.  Award amounts vary and applications are accepted at any time.  For applications, employees can contact the Foundation at 4101 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90503 or by calling (310) 303-5340.

Community-Based Nursing Scholarships for LPNs

There are several resources at the local level that LPN students can pursue when researching scholarship opportunities.  Nonprofit healthcare organizations may offer scholarships to local residents who plan to serve the community upon graduation.  Foundations may offer scholarships to local students pursuing a nursing degree to become an LPN.  Following are examples of foundations that provide nursing scholarships to LPN students.


Nursing students enrolled in a four-year LPN program at an accredited university may be eligible for the Gene and Marilyn Nuziard Scholarship through QueensCare, a faith-based organization in Los Angeles.  Awards are made based on academic scores, documented financial need, and willingness to work in Los Angeles County upon graduation. Applicants must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), letters of recommendation, and a personal essay along with their request for assistance. Scholarship recipients will receive $9,000 each year of their four-year program.  Funds can be applied to tuition costs, books, and other fees. Completed applications are usually required by mid-May annually.  Interested students can contact QueensCare at 1300 North Vermont Avenue, Suite 1002, Los Angeles, CA 90027 or by calling (323) 953-7341.

Joan Camp Memorial Scholarship Foundation

Students interested in pursuing an LPN degree and are residents of Princeville School District in Illinois may be eligible for a scholarship from the Foundation.  Scholarships are awarded based on academic scores and documented financial need.  Awards vary and there is no submission deadline.  For applications, contact the Foundation at 11801 North Princeville-Jubilee Road, Princeville, IL 61559.

Students who research LPN nursing scholarships will find many opportunities available.  Scholarships are offered at the local, state, and federal levels.  These nursing scholarships help students cover nursing school expenses.