Lock Haven University Nursing School Review

Lock Haven University (LHU) of Pennsylvania proves that a campus does not have to be huge to offer great educational opportunities and student involvement. Students enjoy a coeducational environment in which faculty knows each student by name and offers mentoring relationships that stimulate intellectual and personal growth. Through community involvement and encouragement for each student to focus on individuality and personal responsibility, LHU educates not just students but productive members of society.

Nursing Program

Offered on Lock Haven University’s Clearfield Campus, the Nursing Program provides opportunities for students to progress through levels of Nursing education so they can meet their individual occupational and personal goals. This highly competitive program admits only the most qualified applicants and develops them into superior quality nurses. Offering intensive course of study options for beginning students and already-licensed nurses, the Nursing Program at Lock Haven University allows for career advancement through further training and augmented credentials.

Associate of Science in Nursing Degree

Classroom lecture and hands-on experience through clinical rotations combine to create a compelling curriculum. Completion of this program earns the graduate an Associate of Science in Nursing degree and prepares him to sit for the state boards. Passing these exams will result in the graduate being licensed as a Registered Nurse. This program requires four semesters of full-time study and concludes with a course designed to smoothly transition students from an educational setting to the workforce. This course introduces the issues, concerns and trends impacting contemporary nursing. These issues involve cultural competence, ethics and understanding advancements in treatment and care options.

RN to BSN Program

Registered Nurses who wish to seek more advanced training are eligible to take advantage of Lock Haven University’s RN to BSN Online Completion Program. This program, taught over the course of four semesters, allows already-licensed Registered Nurses to apply previous education and clinical training to the course work necessary to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. This degree enables to nurse to attain higher level roles and take on greater responsibility within the nursing field. Online courses allow busy RNs to complete their baccalaureate degree training in a schedule that works with their other obligations.

LPN Advanced Placement Program

Advanced Placement into the Associate of Science in Nursing Degree Program allows Licensed Practical Nurses to combine their current knowledge with accelerated course work to prepare for licensure as Registered Nurses. Admission into the LPN Advanced Placement program is limited and requires demonstration of competence in the knowledge and clinical skills offered in the beginning portion of the ASN Degree Program. LPNs must complete current examinations and fulfill all other admission requirements in order to be eligible for the program. Department administration will make the final determination as to admission and level of Advanced Placement.

Lock Haven University embraces the small campus feel that makes each student feel important and each achievement notable, while insisting on offering the highest quality education possible. The Nursing Program allows faculty to employ innovative teaching methods and personal relationships with students to cultivate leading members of the next generation of nursing professionals.

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