Lenape Area Vocational Technical School Nursing Program Review

For those believing that learning should not be a passive experience, Lenape Area Vocational Technical School (LAVTS, Lenape Tech) in Pennsylvania offers 16 options for interactive, dynamic, career-building courses. Directing their efforts toward high school students as well as adults, Lenape AVTS provides students with sound academic education along with hands-on training of technical and vocational skills.

Nursing Program

Nursing is a fast-paced field offering tremendous opportunities for advancement. The Nursing Program at Lenape Tech prepares students to enter this field with the confidence and skills to fulfill the nurturing and treatment roles of nurses. Through this program graduates will be qualified to sit for licensing exams and be ready for future training in occupational and educational environments.

Practical Nursing Program

The Practical Nursing Program produces nurses equipped with clinical knowledge, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. These nurses provide multi-faceted care to patients in a wide array of medical situations, including simple procedures, monitoring of condition and vital signs, and hygienic tasks while also addressing the psychosocial, spiritual and emotional needs of the patient and his loved ones. Successful completion of this program allows graduates to enter the healthcare system as entry-level nurses after becoming licensed.

How Long Will it Take?

Students have two scheduling options from which to choose so that they can pursue their education at a pace that fits their individual schedules. The first allows the complete course of study to be taken on a full-time basis and finished in one calendar year. Students choosing this track will attend classes Monday through Friday, divided between lecture and clinical instruction formats. Those students who require a more flexible scheduling option can choose the part-time track. This course of study is offered three evenings per week and every other weekend for two calendar years.

Admission Requirements

Students must meet specific guidelines prior to gaining admission into the program. Due to the challenging nature of the nursing profession, admission into the Lenape Tech Practical Nursing Program is competitive. Students must be at least 17 years old, a graduate from an approved secondary institution or program and achieve acceptable scores on the TEAS exam. Interested applicants must also demonstrate good physical and mental health and sound moral character through comprehensive physical examinations and compliance with drug screenings and recommended treatments. Finally, applicants must offer evidence of a clear criminal and background check as well as FBI clearance as well as completing a personal interview. Admitted students will be responsible for having valid CPR certification and health insurance prior to the first day of classes.

Course of Study

The Practical Nursing Program is divided into four levels of progressive instruction. Each builds upon the learning of the prior levels to culminate in instruction in complex Nursing concepts and information about the issues and concerns of the contemporary healthcare system. The education offered in this program offers a nurse general knowledge and skills that can translate into employment in a wide variety of medical settings.

Graduates from Lenape Tech are eligible for licensure as Licensed Practical Nurses which enables them to seek immediate employment or continue their education at other institutions. Though the responsibilities of an entry level LPN are basic, they provide crucial services to patients and are always capable of achieving greater levels of success through furthered education and training.

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