Lehman College Nursing Program Review

Lehman College (LC) is a public institution that is part of the City University of New York (CUNY) schools. With over 12,000 students, it is considered to be a large college. One of the main attractions that Lehman College offers is yearly tuition of less than $500 for in-state students. Lehman also offers small classes with over 40 percent of all classes having fewer than 20 students. There are many majors offered, including several undergraduate and graduate nursing programs.

Nursing Program

Students who would like to enter any of the nursing programs at Lehman College-CUNY must first meet the general admission requirements of the school. It is necessary to complete at least 60 credits before gaining admission to the nursing program.

Professional Nursing Program

Lehman’s Bachelor of Science degree in nursing program is designed for non-nurses and Registered Nurses who are licensed in New York State. This program prepares students to take the NCLEX, the national exam that leads to licensure as a Registered Nurse. It also prepares those who want to continue their studies to earn a graduate degree to have the BS degree in nursing that they need before taking graduate courses. Nursing students complete a rigorous clinical experience at culturally diverse medical facilities in the Bronx and Westchester areas. Lehman has honors projects available for students who qualify as well as independent study for qualified students.

Generic Nursing Program

This program is designed to be completed in four years. Students must finish all of their general education requirements and prerequisite courses in the first two years, and they must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.75 in these courses. They are General and Organic Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Microbiology. Students may then pass the National League for Nursing Pre-Admission RN Test. At this point, students must have proof of citizenship or legal alien status. They may then continue into the nursing core courses if they are accepted into the program. During the last two years at Lehman, nursing courses and clinical experience are focused on.

Bachelor of Science for Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses (RNs) who have an associate degree or a diploma in nursing and are licensed in New York State may enter the Bachelor of Science program. RNs must complete 60 college credits with a grade point average of 2.5 or better before they begin the nursing program to earn their bachelor’s degree. There are full-time and part-time options for RNs to earn this higher degree. RNs may opt out of many of the beginning nursing courses if they have passed these at the undergraduate level. This is referred to as the 37.5 Credit Major in Nursing, Bachelor of Science (BS).

37.5 Credit Major in Nursing, BS

In this program, RNs with either an associate degree or a diploma in nursing are exempt from the first two years of nursing courses that undergraduates who are not nurses must take. RNs may earn their Bachelor of Science (BS) in nursing by completing the 60 prerequisite general education courses and then 37.5 credits in the nursing major. These are some of the courses that undergraduates typically take in their last two years of study.

Accelerated (Generic) Nursing Program

This program at Lehman College is designed for those who already hold a bachelor’s degree in another discipline and meet the admission requirements for the Nursing Department. These students follow the Generic Nursing path in this full-time program. Accelerated nursing courses are held every semester and in two summer sessions. This is also known as the 75-Credit Major in Nursing, BS.

75-Credit Major in Nursing, BS

This program is the same as the Accelerated (Generic) Nursing Program for students who have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline. Students must complete prerequisite science classes and foundation courses before starting to take the 48 credits required for nursing.

MS Program in Nursing

Lehman College offers several graduate programs in nursing, such as the Master of Science (MS) Program in Nursing. To qualify for this course, students must have a bachelor’s degree with a nursing major from an accredited college or university. They must have a minimum grade average of B in their undergraduate studies. Applicants must be Registered Nurses in the State of New York and must have references from a current employer or a former instructor or academic advisor. Another requirement is that applicants must pass the Department’s Graduate English Proficiency Exam. The graduate program consists of 43 credits to earn a Master of Science in Parent-Child Nursing, Adult Health Nursing, or Nursing of Older Adults. Full-time students may complete the program in three semesters, and part-time students require four years to complete required courses and clinical experience.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program

This graduate program in nursing is for full-time students. It consists of many of the same courses that are required for other MS programs in nursing at Lehman, including those that are required for a Master of Science in Parent-Child Nursing, Adult Health Nursing, or Nursing of Older Adults. In addition, students in the pediatric nurse practitioner program also take courses related to this field.

Adult Nurse Practitioner Program

Students in this graduate nursing program also must complete most of the graduate-level nursing courses that are required for other majors in nursing. They must also complete specific courses that are relevant to their specialty of adult nurse practitioner.

Certificate Programs

Post-Masters Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurses who already have a MS in nursing may earn a certificate rather than going through the entire master’s degree program in nursing at Lehman College. A total of 30 credits are required that are completed in two years.

Post-Masters Certificate in Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

This program consists of 24 credits that must be completed to earn this certificate. Students must already hold a BS in nursing and must maintain a 3.0 grade point average while in this post-masters certificate program.

Certificate in Nursing Administration

Applicants to this program must hold a MS in nursing and must have two letters of recommendation. They must complete 15 credits and maintain a 3.0 grade point average or better.

Certificate in Nursing Education

To earn this certificate, applicants must hold a master’s degree in nursing, have two letters of recommendation, and must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better.

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