Lehigh Carbon Community College Nursing Program Review

Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) in Pennsylvania offers its students tremendous opportunity for personal growth and career-building. Through its long list of degree and certificate programs, LCCC makes higher education accessible to thousands of students each year. Students are encouraged to explore their personal and occupational aspirations, and prepare themselves for life beyond school. Courses are offered on flexible schedules to allow busy students to still pursue a fulfilling education.

Nursing Program

Nurses are some of the most highly sought-after professionals in the workforce today. Shortages in skilled nurses create gaps in the healthcare system that need to be filled in order to serve and care for a wide range of patients. The Nursing Program at Lehigh Carbon Community College offers students two tracks from which to choose. Depending on their individual goals, students can choose to earn a certificate or a degree, qualifying them for different levels of employment in the nursing field.

Practical Nursing Certificate

Licensed Practical Nurses make up a large portion of the nursing force. These nurses provide healthcare services such as feeding and bathing patients, recording vital signs, administering certain medications and performing simple procedures. The Practical Nursing (PN) Program at LCCC prepares students to work under the direct supervision of Registered Nurses and physicians to plan and implement courses of treatment for patients, as well as provide psychosocial and emotional support for the patient and his loved ones. This program covers three semesters of progressive learning that integrate general education courses with core Nursing education to prepare students for employment in a variety of medical settings.

Associate in Applied Science in Nursing Degree

Students wishing to pursue a higher role of responsibility and leadership within the healthcare community have the option of entering the Associate in Applied Science in Nursing Degree Program. This program prepares students to sit for state board exams that will award licensure that permits them to practice as Registered Nurses. These nurses fulfill more advanced roles in medical settings. Successful completion of this five-semester, full-time program also gives students the educational foundation to pursue graduate level learning at other institutions if they wish.

Admission Requirements

Students are expected to meet certain requirements in order to gain admission into the program. Only the 60 most qualified applicants in terms of a point system will be permitted to enroll. Requirements include successful completion of a secondary institution, satisfactory scores on the TEAS exam and a completed application. It is important for interested applicants to note that only the most recent version of the TEAS exam, the TEAS V, will be accepted as a part of the application process. Any applicant possessing scores from a previous model will need to be re-evaluated in the new format.

Graduates from the Nursing Program at Lehigh Carbon Community College are prepared to enter the workforce or seek furthered education. These nurses will have the educational and interpersonal skills necessary to perform their roles with efficiency and compassion. Many students working through this program discover a great passion for pursuing the highest levels of training and are supported as they move onto to further institutions to seek these credentials.

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