Le Moyne College Nursing Program Review

Le Moyne College (LMC) is a private college in Syracuse, New York that was founded by the Jesuits. It is a Roman Catholic school that has over 3,500 students enrolled in various programs. Most students live on campus in residence halls or townhouses. This school offers many community service activities and attempts to prepare students to use their abilities to promote a more just society. There are service learning projects and internships and study abroad programs that are offered to expand the college experience for students. Le Moyne College offers 30 different majors, including undergraduate and graduate programs in nursing.

Nursing Programs

Bachelor of Science Program in Nursing

This program is a 64 credit Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science (BS) in nursing for RNs who have an associate degree in nursing or a nursing diploma. Le Moyne College has a strong emphasis on liberal arts and science courses that all students take for all majors. RNs must complete the required liberal arts and science courses that were not taken during their studies for their associate’s degree or nursing diploma. This unique program can usually be completed in two years as students take higher level nursing course along with required liberal arts courses. A typical first semester for a RN would include the courses Health Assessment, Professional Issues & Trends, Major Authors, Western/World Civilizations, and Philosophical Foundations of Western Thought, rather than all nursing courses.

Dual Degree Partnership in Nursing (DDPN)

This nursing program involves Le Moyne College and St. Joseph’s College of Nursing. Students begin at Le Moyne by taking two full-time years of courses. They then complete two full-time years of study at St. Joseph’s College of Nursing. This degree leads to a bachelor’s degree in nursing after earning a total of 133 credits. When both programs have been completed, students are eligible to take the national exam that leads to licensure as a Registered Nurse, the NCLEX.

Post-Baccalaureate RN to MS Certificate

This program at Le Moyne College is designed for the RN who has a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing. Once completed, the student qualifies to continue studying in the Master of Science program at the college. Students have the option of completing five prerequisite courses part-time in the evening. They may also transfer credits in some cases to make the prerequisite requirements even less. The five courses are Introduction to Statistics, Health Assessment, Pathophysiology, Research in Nursing, and Transition to Advanced Nursing Practice.

Master of Science

This program is offered to those who already have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Nurses who already have a master’s degree in nursing or in a related field may earn a certificate by completing this program. The Master of Science Program in Nursing offers two tracks. These are in nurse education or nurse administrator roles. A total of 39 credits are required for both of these tracks. The curriculum consists of 12 credits in human diversity, social issues, ethics, health care delivery, and research. In addition, there is a specialty focus made of 9 credits in adult health and illness. Other required courses consist of 18 credits. It takes two years of full-time study or three years of part-time study to complete this graduate program.

After graduation, RNs who have completed the nurse educator concentration will be prepared to serve as in-service educators, community educators, or patient/family educators. They may serve as faculty members in schools of nursing or as staff development coordinators as well. Those who complete the nurse administrator track will be prepared to work in healthcare agencies as managers and administrators. Both of these concentrations require a capstone scholarly project.

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