Lawson State Community College Nursing Program Review

At Lawson State Community College (LSCC) students are offered education of high quality. In an environment that is encouraging and demanding, this education was built on solid academic and career programs. There are a lot of majors to choose from in the academic, professional-technical and community programs.

At LSCC, programs have kept up to date of advancements in technology. Graduates are prepared to be learners and leaders to prepare for the changes of the global world. This college is a two year college that has multiple campuses, one campus at Bessemer and one in Birmingham. It also provides opportunities in learning to benefit students for employment or advancement in the jobs. LSCC offers Associate Degrees for ADN Program or the Mobility Program (LPN to ADN), certificates for Dental Assisting degrees and practical nursing. You can also attend LSCC for Short Certificates for Emergency Medical Technicians,  home health aide, nursing and dental assistance.

 Mission of the Nursing Program

This program is to train people in the talent of caring in a technology environment. Graduates would be working in the community as registered nurse (RN), License Practical Nurse (LPN), or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). There are several different factors that would be developed for a thriving practice. Students can also pursue high education.

Associate Degree and Practical Nursing program

General Education and Nursing courses make up these two programs.  A classroom environment is used to help the student use scientific ethics for nursing. Whereas, a clinical environment is used so the student can apply those ethics to meet different patients needs. A clinical environment is offered in several different settings and is guided by teachers. The student must complete five semesters and earn a C or better in clinical to move forward to the next nursing course. If the student does not meet the requirements to move forward they will fail the course, but can be considered for readmission depending on space and GPA, and is only permitted once for the entire nursing program. In the ADN Program there are two different admittance procedures.

First Admission Procedures in the Associate Degree Nursing

Students that do not have any prior nursing experiences will be admitted for the first admission procedure. This class will take place in the fall and summer. General Education courses and client care experience will be provided for the student.

Second Admission Procedure in the Associate Degree Nursing

Students with prior nursing experience will receive advanced placement options. This is for Licensed Practical Nurses with at least 14 hours general education courses from a college. The student is recognized for previous nursing skill, and is awarded with credit hours. This class is four semesters and is in the spring semester.

Graduates are to write to the National Council Licensure Examination board after completing all of the courses in the nursing program. There are two different boards to write to. National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Registered Nurse’s (NCLES-RN). Then there is one for NCLEX for Practical Nurse’s (NCLEX-PN).


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